Client Avatars


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Identify Your Avatars

What type of person would want your offer? Think about their various job titles, hobbies, gender, marital status, social status, athleticism, etc. Try to think of at least three.

Example: An SEO report would appeal to agency owners, CMOS and solopreneurs.

Task 1: Write the name of each avatar at the top of the following page, one per page

Identify Each Avatar’s Hooks

Next, we need to identify how each of the avatars you listed above will best respond to your ads.  In order to do that, we look at their current situation (as it relates to your offer) and how they’d best respond.

Example: An agency owner would want to use my SEO report to see how their clients score.  A soloprenuer might want to use it to see how his competitors are scoring.
Task 2: On the following pages, answer the hook questions about the avatar listed at the top of that page.

Step 1 of 4

  • What do you know about this person? What are they looking to solve? What unknowns do they have that your product/offer could reveal to them? Do they like numbers and facts or emotions and art? What is their typical day like? Be as specific as you can.
  • What will your offer GIVE this person? What will they have because of your offer that will make their life better?
  • How will your offer make this person FEEL? Will they sleep better at night? Be less stressed?
  • If this person takes your offer, what sort of knowledge will they gain?
  • How will your offer make this person’s average day better?
  • Will this person gain STATUS because of your offer?
  • Will this offer create a speedier outcome than what this person is used to? Will it automate some process they’re currently doing? Will it save them time in some way?
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