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Candidate Answer Passages | US10180964B1

Candidate Answer Passages | US10180964B1 Patent

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for generating candidate answer passages. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a query determined to be a question query data identifying resources determined to be responsive to the query; for each resource in a top-ranked subset of the resources: identifying a plurality of passage units in the resource; applying a set of passage unit selection criterion to the passage units, each passage unit selection criterion specifying a condition for inclusion of a passage unit in a candidate answer passage, wherein a first subset of passage unit selection criteria applies to structured content and a second subset of passage unit selection criteria applies to unstructured content; and generating, from passage units that satisfy the set of passage unit selection criterion, a set of candidate answer passages.

Candidate Answer Passages - US10180964
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