Using Google My Business Posts for Local SEO

Roughly one year ago Google began to allow businesses to post from their Google My Business profile. While in the grand scheme of things this is a relatively established feature at this point, it is still really underused. Based on the data we have from clients we work with, the majority of calls are coming through the Google My Business listing and these Google My Business posts are yet another way to help further optimize your Google My Business profile and in turn help Local SEO efforts that you may have in place. So how does this work?

Using Google My Business Posts for SEO

Google My Business Post Types

For now, Google offers 4 different types of posts from the Google My Business Profile. I am sure this will change within a week of me publishing this article!

“What’s New” Post type

This post type is more like a traditional Facebook or Twitter post. It allows you to share something going on with your business or organization and also allows for a photo and a link to be added to the post. The links can have a variety of different CTAs (Calls To Action) and the links can point to your site or wherever you would like.

With this specific type of post, we recommend inserting your keywords into your written content when posting. A spammy type post is not great, but if you can work your focus keywords into the post that is something that could really help. Additionally, if you add a link back to a related page on your website this can really help as well.

“Events” Post Type

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Simply a place that Google now allows you to post events that your business or organization may have going on.

This is where you can really get creative to help optimize your Google My Business profile. Of course, an event can be just about anything, so if you can come up with an event that has some sort of Google trigger word in it, this can be really beneficial. For instance, if you had a plumbing company in San Diego and could have some event that includes plumber in San Diego, this is the best case scenario. The good new is that these events stick around as long as you schedule them to, whereas the “What’s new” posts disappear shortly after they are posted.

“Offers” Post Type

Again, this post type is fairly self-explanatory, however, as a digital marketer, I know that this offer can make or break the success of any campaign that you are running. Whether its Facebook, Google Ads, Google posts, or some other type, the same holds true. The offer, like the events, can stay as long as you choose and if you can create a compelling offer that also contains some of your focus keywords it is a win-win for sure! The keywords can help trigger your Google My Business Profile when someone is searching for your type of business and the offer (assuming it is a good one) can help convert those eyes into a new customer.

“Products” Post Type

This is yet another place you can gain more visibility by listing product posts. If you have a product or service that you are looking to promote and get more exposure this is a great place to start. You can include product names, descriptions, pricing, and also a link to the said product.

Just like some of the other post types, if you use this with keyword focused content with links pointing back to key areas of your website it can really help your local SEO efforts.

Summary of how to use Google My Business Posts for SEO

Google is an ever-changing beast, we love being SEO Experts! This is the kind of stuff we nerd out about and one of many things we implement to get our clients the results that they seek. Hopefully, you can put this into action and start getting some more exposure for your Google My Business profile!

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