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As a San Diego SEO Company we work on projects in a variety of different capacities for our clients. While many are looking for SEO implementation, we have found that a lot of companies are seeking out a San Diego SEO Consultant when they have a large team that can implement many of the day to day tasks now required to get results with search engine marketing.

With this in mind, we offer competitive and creative solutions for companies that are simply looking for SEO consulting only. We have worked on a consulting basis in a variety of industries including, real estate, e-commerce, online publications, service-based businesses, SASS (software as a service) companies, and many many others.

If you feel you are a good fit for an SEO consultant and you are ready to take on the implementation yourself, you have come to the right place! At Local Blitz, we are an SEO company that puts together easy to understand strategies and roadmaps for our clients to follow while we give them direction on what to look for along the way. On top of that, if you don’t have the software in place, which there is a lot of in SEO, we will hook you into our systems and still report as if you were an implementation client so you have the data you need to gauge whether or not the needle is moving in your SEO campaign. All this to say, we do the implementation as well for many clients, but we cater to a variety of different business needs, which are all unique.

SEO Consulting - A Data-Driven Consultation Process


At the beginning of our consulting work, we will need to put together a strategy that makes sense based on your business goals.  Every website, and in turn, every business, has unique KPIs (key performance indicators) that they are looking to grow, so every strategy that we put together is custom for that specific client.  

With this in mind, during the early phases of an SEO consulting project, we will first be deciding what are the important KPIs and then putting together a strategy to move the needle on those specific data points.  Whether it leads, traffic, online sales, or some other metric, we get it pinned down during this part of the project and then get to work putting together an SEO strategy that will move the needle.

Once the KPIs are identified and the strategy is put together we will then start reporting on progress to our client.  While some clients just want the strategy, we have found over the years that most want checkpoints built into the SEO consulting.  For the majority of clients, we hook them into our SEO tools and report monthly on the KPIs that we have outlined in the early phases of the project.  

Additionally, we also will need to keep the client up to date on any changes in the SEO world, which are pretty much constant.  There may be elements of the strategy that needs to be changed based on recent updates with search platforms, so it is generally a good idea to stay in touch frequently so that these can be communicated in a timely manner and you, the client, can continue to see results with search marketing.  It should be noted that any SEO strategy is a fluid concept and what works today may not work in a month, that is just the nature of the beast and why it is important to have ongoing checkpoints to ensure the strategy is still on track for getting real longterm SEO results.

Putting Together An SEO Strategy


  • SEO Consulting StrategyIdentify KPIs - Without a full understanding of what the client is looking to accomplish, how could we possibly put together a strategy?  So many people in the SEO space report on cookie cutter metrics that the client does not care about, so rather than flooding you with information that isn’t relevant to your marketing goals we identify KPIs right out of the gate and put together a strategy and reporting process that will help you visualize whether or not we are growing in those areas.


  • Creating an SEO Baseline - There are a ton of different pieces to a full-scale SEO campaign, but to know what needs to be done a solid baseline is a must.  In the early stages, we put together a baseline for later comparison in the areas that need the most work. Whether it is onpage SEO or offpage SEO, we ensure that we have comparison data for the future to review and understand what is working and what is not.


  • Creating a Reporting Process - As previously mentioned, we put together a unique reporting process for every client, whether it is SEO consulting or SEO implementation.  Since we have taken the time in step 1 to identify KPIs we now will create a process to report on those specific KPIs.


  • The SEO Strategy  - Now that we have all of the start up tasks compete it is time to put together an actual strategy and get it over to the client so they know what steps to start taking.  Some things generally included in a strategy will include, keyword research, content strategy, onpage SEO fixes, offpage SEO tasks, and timelines for completing each. In most cases, we will set up a call with the client to review and ensure that they are set up for success and understand everything that we have spelled out for them.   While SEO is often a complex topic, most people looking for a San Diego SEO Consultant, are savvy enough to understand what we have outlined for them and if not, we are here to train!


  • Reporting - Now that the client has the SEO consulting strategy in hand, the next step is to start reporting key points in the strategy.  Generally reporting is done monthly, but some clients require it more often depending on the specific need. In this phase, we can always set up calls or meetings to review progress and revisit the strategy that we have laid out.  Bear in mind that SEO is a moving target so part of our SEO consulting will be to tell you if anything in the strategy needs changed or added based on things that may have changed with search platforms. This is the phase where we keep in touch, check in on the client, and keep the client on task so that they can move the needle like they set out to do!


What to Expect with SEO Consulting


While many people using SEO Companies are looking for help with implementation, we do get inquiries just looking for SEO consulting.  It should be known that SEO can be a rather complicated topic, regardless of some information that may say otherwise. In the early days of SEO it wasn’t overly technical, but that time has ended and the implementation side of things takes some know how these days.  That said, if you are looking for a San Diego SEO Consultant, you should be comfortable learning a lot or already have a good baseline knowledge of the web and websites in general. If not we are here to teach, but we always like to set expectations up front. If you are ready to get started with SEO consulting, buckle up, and let’s get started today!

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