Who has the BEST (and worst) Roofing Web Presence in Indy?

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My name is Nick Bennett and I co-own an agency here in Indy located right on the canal in Broad Ripple.

We set out with a goal to work with ONE roofing company in the area.  I have sent this to you as a way to simply show some value up front and not to mention show that we actually know what we are doing!

This is a HUGE case study looking at several variables of web presence that ultimately dictate the number of leads and size of a company’s market share based on 15+ years of industry experience.  We were established in 2009 and have worked with businesses in tons of different niches, including roofing.  The variables that we looked at in this case study have been proven time and time again to generate business or cost business in many cases.

These are the companies that we reviewed:

We pulled this list simply by pulling the first 6 pages of Google results for roofing companies in the Indianapolis area.  We excluded what we refer to as “lead gen” and “directory” sites like Angi.com and Yelp.com, because we are believers that real businesses (like our clients) should control the lead flow, not tech companies with deep pockets.  They will always be there, but we can control the lead flow for clients by focusing on the items we looked at in this case study.  See that here:

screenshot www.google.com 2022.06.23 10 38 59

To help figure out who had the best web presence we scored each company using 7 different categories that again have been proven to impact web presence and in turn lead flow.  Every market and business niche is different but the same concepts generally apply, so we tried to intelligently pick categories that we have seen impact several different business niches in different types of markets and then use the law of averages to assess the situation.  We do this every day for our existing clients.

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At Local Blitz it is truly our passion to approach clients from a standpoint of generating leads and revenue.  We work with clients in a variety of different capacities, but focus heavily on lead generation via search marketing and advertising.  There are SO many variables that play into this equation, but once you get it churning you can pick up some market share (or keep it).  We love the battle that is digital marketing!

We compared all the Roofing Companies in 32 different areas that we categorized into 7 different higher level categories.

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The content on your website plays a MAJOR role in who picks up the phone and calls you and who doesn’t.  We looked at several different areas of content that are shown over and over again to drive online lead flow for clients.

  1. About Page?
    – Is there an about page on the website?  People want to learn about who they may hire!
  2. Years in Business?
    – Are years in business listed?  This is a big conversion factor!
  3. Real People?
    – Pics of real people?  Stock photos are used so often, but users want to see you and your team, not models!
  4. Offers?
    – Are there offers used and prominent on the website?  It is proven that offers convert better!  You don’t have to break the bank, but making them feel like they might save some cash upfront builds immediate trust.
  5. Video?
    – Is video used on the website?  This is another trust factor that can really help when done correctly.
  6. FAQ Page?
    – Is there an FAQ page?  Not only does this build trust, but it also helps the phone ring less for simple questions filtering out leads that may not be a good fit.
  7. New Content?
    – Has content been added to the site in the last six months?
  8. Google Map Embed?
    – This is just simply a map on your website showing where your business is.  This is important because even if they don’t come there, people like to know where the business is that they are working with.  It helps conversion!
  9. Local Content
    – Is there content about the areas you serve?

Trust Score

Trust is important in business, we all know this!  We compiled this trust score to look at items that online marketers refer to as “trust signals”.  These signals are elements that create trust with users as they hit your website.  We didn’t pull these out of thin air.  Any online marketing person worth their weight will know that all of these are important elements that can help build trust with potential customers and in turn help increase conversions.

  1. History of the Company
    – Is the history of the company listed somewhere easy to find on the website?
  2. Employees
    – Are there some pics of employees on the website somewhere to give an indication of company size and who works there?
  3. Team Bios
    – Do the key employees have bios on the website?
  4. Owner
    – Is the owner listed and addressed on the website?  People want to know where their money is going!
  5. Awards
    – If applicable are there industry awards listed on the website or industry groups that the company belongs to like BBB?
  6. Reviews
    – Can a user EASILY find reviews and/or testimonials on your website?
  7. Certifications
    – Do you have any relevant industry certifications listed on your website?
leo cts

Calls to Action

After looking at Trust, we looked at CTAs or “Calls to Action”.  CTAs are important because these are moments where we are asking users to take action and specifically an action that we want them to take like calling us or filling out a form.  We looked at each website to determine whether there were actionable CTAs in use.

  1. Actionable CTAs.
    – Are there CTAs on the website?
  2. Live Chat
    – Is there a live chat option on the website.  We understand that not every company is staffed to handle this, but it can be a BIG conversion boost.

Off Website Web Presence

Your website is certainly an important element in online lead flow, but it doesn’t stand alone.  There are several other things that happen outside of your website that can generate leads and revenue.  We honestly wouldn’t be able to count all of these, so we just looked at some of the top things that can impact web visibility and in turn lead flow.

  1. Google Business Profile:  This is your Google Maps listing and is a MAJOR lead engine for every local client that we work with.
    1. Does the address match the website?
    2. Do you have Google Reviews?
    3. Are you posting to the Google Business Profile to keep customers updated?
  2. Social Media
    1. Is there an active Facebook Page?
      – We don’t have to be social media crazy, but this being active helps to signal that the business is….still in business.
    2. Is there an active Twitter Page?
      – Same thing here and the active page just shows that the business is still thriving.
  3. Press Release
    – Has there been any PR activity in the last six months?  We understand that your industry may not be the sexiest type of news, but some level of PR activity can be good for both reputation management and lead generation for MANY different reasons.
  4. Yelp
    – Let me start by saying I HATE YELP, but having 4+ stars here is going to drive business even if not directly on YELP.

Search Ads

There are many different ways to generate leads on Google and search ads play into that equation for sure.  We reviewed each website and business to determine whether or not they are actively paying for ads on Google.

  1. Search Ads
    – Does the business currently advertise on Google?
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The Results

So we have been talking about all this different stuff, but now it’s time to talk about who got the highest score across all these different categories.  Each item and category was weighted based on importance and then we reviewed all websites manually in each of the categories to assign a score to each company.  The results are below.  Some of it may be surprising and if you would like just email me and I will be happy to send you a full copy of the case study.

View Full Case Study Here


  1. stay dry roofinghttps://staydryroofing.com
  2. richmond exteriorshttps://www.richmondguttering.com
  3. bone dry roofinghttps://www.bonedry.com/
  4. sherriff goslin roofinghttps://www.sherriffgoslin.com/indianapolis/branch.html 
  5. cochran exteriorshttps://www.cochranexteriors.com/ 
  6. honest abe roofinghttps://www.honestaberoofing.com/indianapolis/ 
  7. rojas roofinghttps://rojasroofing.com/#/
  8. amos exteriorshttps://amosexteriors.com/
  9. eads roofinghttps://www.eadsroofing.com/
  10. moss roofinghttps://www.mossroofing.com/ 
  11. universal roofinghttps://www.universalrfg.com/ 
  12. sentry roofinghttps://www.sentryroofing.com/ 
  13. indy roof rangershttps://indyroofrangers.com/ 
  14. blue ladder roofinghttps://www.blueladderroofingindy.com/ 
  15. 3 kings roofinghttps://3kingsroofingandgutters.com/
  16. john peters roofinghttps://www.johnpetersroofing.com/
  17. jackson contractinghttps://www.jacksoncontractingsite.com/
  18. indy roof companyhttps://indyroofcompany.com 
  19. spg roofinghttps://www.spgroof.com/ 
  20. hoosier contractorshttps://hoosierroof.com/ 
  21. ace roofinghttps://www.aceroofingindianapolis.com/ 
  22. AAA roofing companyhttps://aaaroofingcompany.com/ 
  23. trojan roofinghttps://www.indytrojanroofing.com 
  24. coomer roofing – https://www.coomerroofing.com/
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About Local Blitz – the Creators of this case study

Local Blitz was established in 2009 and has offices in Indianapolis right on the canal in Broad Ripple.  Co-Founder Nick Bennett is an Indianapolis native who grew up on Indianapolis’ south side graduating from Franklin Central High School and now resides in Carmel with his wife and son.  Local Blitz as an agency has worked with businesses in countless different niches helping them to drive leads and revenue and has a long list of clients that would be more than willing to be references.

Want to learn more about this case study or how we might be able to help you drive more business…call/text Nick’s cell (317) 672-1156 or email [email protected].  I will be more than happy to buy you lunch or a beer or a coffee or whatever your thing is and discuss my favorite topic… online marketing!  Thanks for reviewing this, I sincerely hope it helps!

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