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When it comes to SEO, we take a simple approach. We stay up to date on all of the most recent trends in the industry, allow our data to guide us, and are transparent at all times with our El Cajon clients. That mentality has helped us to build a business that works with clients in the El Cajon area as well as across Southern California to get the best SEO results for them that we possibly can. We have worked with various industries and countries across the El Cajon area, ranging from those wanting to focus on local results to ones wanting to generate business across the entire marketplace. Either way, we have your back! In each step we take we are transparent, starting with the beginning where we make sure to understand what your expectations are as the client all the way to the end where we deliver on all of your expectations. We achieve this by identifying specific KPIs right after we start on a project. We don’t employ a ‘cookie cutter’ approach that so many other SEO companies use, or think that one size can fit all since we know that each company that comes to us has its own individual set of needs and preferences. Given all of that, we develop customized SEO solutions for all of our El Cajon clients as well as other markets across the country that we serve. That allows us to serve our clients better to ensure that we are all on the same page from the time that we first meet with you.

Our SEO Process

Like many other businesses out there, we have worked for a number of years to get all of our processes perfected, as we continue working on them on a daily basis. SEO within the El Cajon marketplace is always a moving target. Google is constantly making updates to their search algorithms, and that means our team is regularly reviewing, researching and testing different SEO techniques, so we know which ones work and will not work for our various clients. Whether it is national, regional, local, or organic SEO campaigns we are doing for our clients, we understand that all of them require substantial planning and robust processes in order to achieve positive SEO results these days. This is why we are focused on it every day of every week.

It All Begins With Discovery

Each phase of our projects is critical. However, the discovery phase may be the most essential one out of all of them. Typically this is our first contact with a client, and therefore it is important to get things right from the very beginning in order to make SEO improvements. Usually, that is the point in a project where we begin to hone in on the key performance indicators (KPIs) of a client. We directly ask our client what they hope to accomplish. Many clients of ours know they want to get ranked on the first page for something, but in conversations with a client they end up deciding what this something may be and how it can be specifically tracked. Each client is different, with some preferring online sales and other clients preferring phone calls. However, in each case, we first need to determine things such as this out so that everyone is on the same page of the SEO campaign for its duration.

Strategy Communication Phase

After the discovery phase is complete, our team then starts to work on developing a strategy in order to communicate it to our client. There are numerous things that need to be considered, like are on-page and off-page SEO strategies, any local SEO that is relevant, optimizing for Google My Business, how to determine the ROI of the SEO campaign, and much more. We have become very good at communicating all of the things that must be done in simple and clear ways so that our clients are not drown in excessive SEO jargon.

Getting The Project Kicked Off

Once we have communicated the strategy, it is time to get things started. Typically that is when we call our new client to ensure that we have everything that we need, that they have everything they need, and that everybody understands how things will work. Specifically, we want to ensure that our client understands our reporting process and who they should contact if they have questions regarding their project or other digital marketing facets that we may be working on for them. For, that is when things start to get enjoyable.

Implementation Time

After we have gone through all of the communication and planning, it is time to get to work. During the implementation phase, we start to get our SEO work put into place. Everything that was outlined, determined, and identified during the previous phases comes together now. Once we have all of the KPIs and are confident that all interested parties are on the same page, our team can start working with confidence, and hammer out the entire lists of tasks and times that will give you the results that you deserve and expect. Honestly, that is one of our most favorite things about running an SEO company.

Reporting And Reviewing

After we start to chip away at the implementation phase, we also begin the phase of reviewing and reporting. Our team is constantly checking our client projects, but we are talking about a specific internal phase where things are looked at internally before we report to our clients in accordance with the agreed-upon timetables about the specific KPIs that are important to them. It is crucial for us to get this phase right since it tells us we actually are moving the needle and communicating effectively with you. A majority of SEO businesses rely on generic or automated reporting that is sent to clients monthly, but we have never liked to work in that manner. We go over all our data manually and analyze it based on your specific KPIs instead of ours. We send you reports with related supplemental information and bullet points, so you know what is occurring along the way We think that is one of the main reasons why we enjoy one of the industry’s highest client retention rates since we have so many clients that have remained with us for more than half of a decade.


SEO Campaign Types


Local SEO

Local SEO, simply defined, is a type of SEO strategy where the focus is on the local market, that immediately surrounds your business or in different geographies for multiple locations. For example, if you are located in a metropolitan area, then local SEO might focus on part of that metropolitan area in order to ensure that you get the most exposure in the area that you possibly can. In general, a Local SEO campaign will focus on building local SEO citations, optimizing your Google My Business for your Local SEO purposes, and various other things to help achieve SEO results within your local market, like improving your on-page SEO and creating new content with an SEO focus. The key is focusing on your local area and then determining what the best search terms are for giving your business the most exposure possible in the proper way. Although the above is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you need to achieve Local SEO results those are some of the most important high-level deliverables that we implement in order to get the results that our clients want. Many people are not sure what the differences are between Organic SEO and Local SEO. In general, those concepts work together and are independent strategies within a Local SEO campaign that is comprehensive in nature.

Regional SEO

Like it sounds, Regional SEO focuses on a region instead of one specific location. Although Local SEO might work in combination with regional SEO it doesn’t always. When we are working in tandem with both Regional SEO and Local SEO, many of the Local SEO deliverables that we previously mentioned will be used here as well. Also, to achieve results with Regional SEO, you need to understand how important content is for SEO. In general, our team or the client will need to generate a good deal of content in order to achieve results in this area. In addition, a fair amount of work in the area will require both off page and on page SEO, which is a combination of building authority links for a website, optimizing content, and sending Google as many signals as possible in order to indicate what your site is all about and the geographic area that you serve (when applicable).

National SEO

A similar approach is taken by National SEO that is used with Regional SEO. As an SEO company, like with Regional SEO, we will need to determine whether our focus is going to be solely national and focus on organic listings or if our campaign will be focusing on both national and local SEO. Many of our clients have locations in multiple metropolitan areas all over the country and are usually good candidates for both national and local SEO, whereas other clients only have a website and would like to get more national exposure, and in that case, we would focus on organic listings only. That might sound confusing or cumbersome if you haven’t work with an SEO company ever before. However, one quick call can clear all of this up for you so that you know how to proceed with the process.

International SEO

We here at Local Blitz have also worked Internationally, specifically in England. A lot of the same concepts that we have previously discussed can be applied to countries you are wanting to market, and like all other kinds of SEO, there will be a custom International SEO solution for you. In general, we only do international work in English speaking countries, although we have worked on campaigns that were in other languages when the content was created by our client, and then we optimized it.

More On SEO In El Cajon

We have built an incredible team, continued our education and honed our education to allow us to achieve results for all of our loyal clients based in El Cajon, CA. We completely understand that each of our clients in El Cajon, and elsewhere, have unique needs, and that is why we take great pride in listening to what their unique business objectives are and putting an El Cajon SEO campaign together that will help to push them toward accomplishing their online marketing goals. We work with clients of all sizes and shapes in El Cajon, and we would love to have the chance, as an SEO marketing firm, to speak with you about all of your SEO needs.

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