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Our Approach as an Email Marketing Agency


Email Marketing AgencyDid you know that Email Marketing has the highest ROI of any type of online marketing?  Yes, it’s true! This is simply because once an email address is collected it costs next to nothing to remarket to that individual, whereas in other scenarios you would need to spend advertising money to get back in front of them.  This is why many of our clients choose us to use our email marketing services.

While the ROI can be substantial, not all email marketing strategies are created equally.  Many factors contribute to whether or not an email marketing strategy will work for your business.  Things like activity, list segmentation, chosen email marketing platform and messaging can create a wide range of results or lack thereof in some circumstances.

This is exactly why as a professional email marketing agency we use data and proven copywriting to maximize the potential of email marketing campaigns for our clients.  The data-driven approach lets our clients know what is working and where we might improve to get better open rates, click through rates, and also to increase the size of their list.  Data tells the story, we rewrite it.

Email Marketing Services


Monthly Newsletter Design and Delivery

Many of the clients that we speak with just need a simple monthly newsletter to be designed, written and delivered to their email list.  This is a very common scenario for businesses to remain at the top of their customer’s mind and to send updates about offers and news within the organization.  While monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly email marketing pieces can be very effective you must take into consideration how you are adding value for your audience to ensure this is a successful endeavor.  Many businesses make the mistake of constantly trying to sell rather than adding value and then selling intermittently. This is exactly the expertise that we bring to the table as an email marketing agency and we would love to put our industry knowledge to work for you!

Email Automation and Drip Sequences

While some clients are looking for basic email marketing communication via email marketing pieces, many clients we have worked with are looking for more sophisticated email automation and drip sequences.  These automations can become very complex, but if done correctly, they can save a lot of time and keep your sales funnel full. Some of the key points for drip sequences and email automation is messaging, list segmentation, and testing and then testing again.  We have years of experience setting up email automation and email drip sequences in almost every major platform and have put together successful campaigns for a variety of different business niches from e-commerce to service-based businesses and we would love to speak with you about your email automation needs!

Lead Nurture AKA Cold Email Marketing

Cold Email marketing can be a great tool for your business if done correctly.  You know all those emails out of the blue that you get from people that you have never met?  While it may not seem so to the end user, this is a very powerful way to get in front of a new audience and it works.  How do we know? Simply because we have run many of these campaigns for clients and gotten new business leads flowing via cold email marketing!

Platforms We Have Worked With

ROI and Transparency with Email Marketing

Just as with all of our digital marketing services, as an email marketing agency we make a focus on transparency and ROI a constant driver of our email marketing work we implement for our clients.  Whether it is a simple monthly newsletter or a complex automation we will ensure that you understand exactly what to expect at every turn and also that you are trained on automations (if applicable).  The key to our success as a digital marketing agency has been and always will be taking great care of our clients and getting them the results they desire with digital marketing!