Email Marketing San Diego

Our Approach to Email Marketing San Diego

Email Marketing San DiegoDid you know that email marketing still has the highest ROI of any digital marketing activity?  This is exactly why Email Marketing San Diego can be a very effective tool in your belt when it comes to online marketing!  All this to say that email marketing takes dedication and a well thought out plan to execute. At Local Blitz, we have worked with clients that have a variety of different email marketing needs.  We have worked with ecommerce businesses using email to help increase lifetime client values and also with service-based businesses that use email marketing simply as a top of mind awareness tool.

The email marketing campaigns that we put together for clients are always fully custom and data-driven.  At Local Blitz, we do not operate in the realm of cookie cutter options.  First, we ensure that our clients are armed with information when choosing an email marketing platform.  Then, we dive deep to understand the clients need and voice and work to portray that voice to their clients and prospects. All the while we are consistently reviewing data to get our clients results in the email marketing realm.


Email Marketing Services in San Diego


Email Newsletter – Design and Delivery

Often times clients are simply looking to keep their email lists active and engaged.  This is why they come to us to help put together and implement a strategy to send out “newsletter” type emails or informational emails.  Some clients need only a simple campaign of one email going out per month, yet others are looking for more weekly activity. No matter what the email marketing needs, we have worked in every major email marketing campaign platform and are sure to put together an engaging and data-driven campaign. We can put together a campaign that not only keeps your list engaged, but also prioritizes top of mind awareness for your business or organization.

Drip Sequences

Similar to an email newsletter, we are often approached to put together drip sequences based on client need.  If you are not familiar with an email drip sequence, it is essentially a series of emails that go out via automation after a new prospect opts into your email list or performs some other action to trigger the email sequence, such as a purchase or an email inquiry.  

Every client we have worked with has a different need for drip sequences. We work with the client and take over individual parts of the campaign as needed.  We have designed emails, written email copy, and put together entire drip sequences for our clients. No matter what the email marketing drip need, we have worked with all major platforms and will be happy to discuss your email marketing in San Diego needs!

Email Automation

Email Automation can be a very powerful tool for your business and these automations can get rather complex based on individual business goals.  At Local Blitz, we have put together robust email automations in a variety of different industries, including e-commerce and service-based businesses.  Whether it’s a simple drip sequence or a complex behavior based automation we have worked in almost every major platform for clients in need of email automation.

Lead Nurture AKA Cold Email Marketing

Cold Email marketing can be a great tool for your business if it’s done correctly.  You know all those emails out of the blue that you get from people you have never met?  While it may not seem so to the end user, this is a very powerful way to get in front of a new audience and it works.  How do we know? Simply because we have run many of these campaigns for clients and gotten new business leads flowing via cold email marketing!


Email Marketing Platforms We Have Worked With: