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Escondido SEO CompanyInform Yourself About the Way Our SEO Company Functions

We start with basic SEO techniques. We work hard to stay current with industry trends, allow the data to guide us, and work to provide our clients with transparent and up to date information. These thought patterns have allowed us to build an SEO business through Southern California and Escondido, and help us to get them the best possible results for SEO. We regularly work with various companies throughout the area, and our clients range from businesses that are working to develop local results to businesses that are attempting to build a business from the market as a whole. Either way, we’re prepared to assist you! We work to be as transparent as possible in every part of the process, from the very beginning when we learn about your expectations to the end when we deliver a finished result. We’re happy to accomplish this by deciding on our KPIs immediately when we begin a project. We avoid working with a one size fits all approach that other search firms may use, as they tend to think that everyone is the same – instead we understand that every company has its own set of desires, needs, and business goals that we can help it achieve. We work to devise SEO solutions that are customized for the individual clients in Escondido and all the other markets throughout the country. This enables us to better serve each client, as we can be sure that we’re working toward the same goals from the very first day.

The SEO Method

Like any other type of business, we’ve spent a great deal of time working to get our process just right, and we continue to perfect it each day. This means that we’re continually striving to hit a moving target. Google continually updates their classification methods, so our team is always testing and studying SEO techniques so that we can stay abreast of the newest information. SEO campaigns need thorough planning and a well-designed process, whether they are large national campaigns or smaller, targeted, local ones, and we focus on building these types of campaigns for our clients every day of the week.

Begin with the Discovery Phase

Each part of an SEO project is important, but the discovery phase can be the most major phase-out of all of them. This can be our first contact with the client, so it’s important that we get things right from the very beginning if we will be making progress on the SEO campaign. This is the part of the campaign where we begin to focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) for the project. For this, we usually ask our clients exactly what they are hoping their SEO campaign will accomplish. A lot of our clients are certain that they want to be ranked on page one of a major search engine for something, but as we talk to them we realize that they often don’t know what – so we work to decide what the target keywords are and how we can specifically track them. Each client is unique, and while some like online sales, others like phone calls better; in each case, we have to spend time determining our goals so that we’re all working toward the same things.

Strategy Communication Phase

After the discovery phase is completed, we begin working on the full strategy so that we can start reviewing it with the client. We have to take various things into account, like our plans for on and off page SEO, any goals we have for local SEO, planning for Google My Business goals, and how we’ll determine the ROI for SEO, as well as many other measures. Our agency has gotten good at sharing the things we need to do for our clients as clearly as possible, in order to avoid overwhelming them with industry jargon.

Starting the Project – the Kickoff

After we’ve all discussed strategy, the time has arrived for us to get the project started. At this point, we usually have a call with the client to get set up and ensure that we have everything we’re going to need to proceed, they have all of the information that they need, and we all understand the process clearly. We prefer to be sure that clients fully understand the process of reporting that we use for our company and that they know who they’re able to contact about any questions that they have or any other part of the marketing project that we’re working on for their company. This is the part of the process where things get fun for us.

Putting Things Into Action

Once we’ve worked through the process of planning everything out, it’s time to start working the plan. This phase is where our SEO specialization really begins to shine. All of the research that we’ve done, the plans that we’ve made, and the outline that we worked out together all begin to fall together as part of a bigger strategy. Once we have the KPIs and we’re sure that everyone involved in working toward the same goals, our team is able to work confidently, checking off one task at a time as we work to provide you with the results you deserve as a valuable client. This is one of the best things about working as a part of an SEO company.

The Process of Reporting and Review

As the implementation phase starts to be accomplished, we will begin the process of reviewing and reporting. We’re often keeping an eye on client projects, but during this phase, we examine matters internally before we go over them with the clients to meet pre-approved deadlines. It’s vital that we get this part of the process right so that we can continue to move the project forward to you and communicate progress as clearly as possible. Many SEO companies rely far too much on reporting going out periodically to their clients in a generic manner, but our agency has never been fond of working that way. Instead, we work to go over the data manually and study it in relationship to your KPIs instead of our goals, sending you a report on a regular basis with all the information that you’ll need to interpret it and know what is happening along the way. This process lets us maintain one of the highest retention rates in the industry, with a large number of our clients sticking with us for more than half a decade.


Types of SEO Campaigns


Local SEO

Local SEO is focused on helping a business succeed in the local market, in the area immediately surrounding it geographically or in several different local geographical areas. If you’re in an urban area, local SEO could focus on part of the metro area near you, to ensure that you’re exposed to as many potential customers as possible. These campaigns may also focus on optimizing Google My Business so that it’s well designed for local SEO, working to build listings and add information from the local market, like SEO focused content and on page SEO.` We focus here on the local area, working to choose the best quality search terms so that your business can get as much exposure as possible in the way that will get you the most possible traffic. Although the items mentioned here are only the beginning of how to obtain results with local SEO, these are a few of the deliverables that we’re happy to put in place to get our clients the results they want. Many of the business owners we talk with aren’t sure about the differences between organic SEO and local SEO. Often, these ideas work together and are independent elements in an overall SEO campaign.

Regional SEO

Just like it sounds, regional SEO is focused on a region instead of targeting only one specific area. Although local SEO may combine with regional SEO, it may not always do so. If our agency is working on regional SEO and local SEO as a tandem effort, several of the local SEO deliverables will become quite important. In addition, in order to get results with regional SEO, you’ll have to fully understand how content works for SEO. As a rule of thumb, our team or the client will create a large amount of the content to help you get results in this area. The work will typically require both off page and on page SEO, so you’ll need to work to optimize content, build authority links, and send out numerous signals to Google so that they know what your website is about and are aware of the geographic area that you serve.

National SEO

National SEO requires almost the same approach as Regional SEO. We have to work to decide whether the focus will be only on organic listings on a national basis, or if our campaign will be targeting both national and local SEO. Several of our clients have multiple locations in areas throughout the country, which makes them excellent options for both national and local SEO. Others only have a website that they want to bring more visitors to across the nation, and for this type of service we typically focus only on organic search. If you’ve never hired an SEO agency before, this may seem a little overwhelming; however, we can likely clear up your confusion in a single phone call.

International SEO

We’ve also had numerous international clients as well, especially in England. International SEO allows us to create a custom solution for your business, using the concepts that we’ve discussed and applying them to the International landscape.

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