Facebook Ads Management

Our Approach to Facebook Ads Management


Facebook AdvertisingWhile the landscape of the Facebook platform has changed over the years, as an advertising platform, Facebook is still a powerhouse, which is why we have many clients currently using our Facebook Ads Management Service.  Of all the online advertising platforms Facebook may be one of the most complicated, there are a multitude of ad types and objectives, not all of which are created equally. This is exactly why clients hire us to navigate this ever-changing landscape for them and ensure they are maximizing their ad spend on Facebook.

Our approach to Facebook Ads Management is to test, test and then test again, then let the data tell us what to do.  There are many data points to consider when optimizing Facebook Ads campaigns, which is why our team, is highly trained and experienced in running these ads.  We know what needs to be done to optimize an ad campaign and get it producing for our clients.


Getting Started with Facebook Ads Management


Over the years we have worked with clients with all different levels of experience with Facebook advertising.  From ecom startups to established service based businesses we have worked in countless different business niches, getting results for our clients. The key to a successful Facebook ads campaign is creating a plan from the project start and sticking to the plan while realizing the platform changes, so the strategy needs to remain fluid as new information and techniques become available.

Some of the considerations, in the beginning, are choosing the right ad type for your marketing objectives, where applicable choosing an offer for your Facebook Ads, along with a strategy for testing copy, visuals, and other elements of the campaign.  Our team has been running Facebook ads for years and have worked with clients with objectives like lead generation, branding, online sales, and website traffic.  Although the objectives are different from client to client, the process for getting results remains mostly the same. We must have a solid plan from the start and then implement to get results.  Also, as a digital marketing agency, we have learned over the years to communicate what is working and what is not so our clients are armed with information about their marketing investment.

Types of Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads HelpChoosing the right ad type is crucial to the success of the campaign.  However, don’t be fooled that it is that simple.  For many clients, we are running multiple ad types from Facebook retaregeting Ads to video views ads and everything in between, while testing how they perform against one another.  There are currently 11 different ad objectives on Facebook and that number is growing by the year. The need to have an in-depth knowledge of the advertising platform on Facebook in more important now than ever and it is only getting more complicated.  

Clients have many different needs from lead generation to traffic, and sometimes needs we never would have even thought of.  This is exactly why having a trained team that listens to your need and understands the right ad types and strategy for your specific need is crucial.  You are in luck our team at Local Blitz has been running Facebook Ads for years and has a proven track record of thinking critically and getting results for our clients!

ROI and Transparency with Facebook Ads


As a digital marketing agency we understand that our clients are trusting us to both represent their business online and also to put their marketing investment to work with Facebook advertising.  This is exactly why we make transparency an everyday focus! Our clients need to understand where their money is going and what they are getting for their investment which is why we make reporting and education a key point in our communication with clients so they fully understand the ROI on their Facebook Advertising investment.