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SEO Company in IndianapolisAs an Indianapolis SEO Company, we are proud to call the circle city home! Whether you are a small independent business or a large organization, we have worked with clients of all sizes and many different business niches to get the SEO results that they are looking for. Search marketing and advertising is a moving target, which is why we focus on specific goals with our clients to ensure that we are all rowing in the same direction from the start of every campaign. We have established and grown our SEO agency simply because we have focused on pinning down KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with our clients and then putting together an SEO strategy that will move the needle for them. As an SEO company we know that getting results for clients is priority number one, which is why we have worked tirelessly on our systems and focus constantly on continuing education to ensure that we are implementing the most up to date SEO tactics for our clients rather than pushing cookie cutter or one size fits all packages out the door, that may or may not produce.

Outside of getting results for clients, our secondary focus is transparency. Having been in the industry since 2009, we have heard and seen it all when it comes to search engine optimization. Some of the clients we work with are brand new to SEO, so we understand that some training and transparency may be needed to get them up to speed on the work we are doing, as the SEO industry uses a ton of industry jargon and has countless data points to be examined. Other clients with more experience with SEO have told us horror stories of their involvement with other agencies, which is why we make transparency and trackable ROI the focus at every turn of the road. We believe it is this, along with our focus on results that has allowed us to build our SEO company over the years and one major point that differentiates us from other SEO providers.

The Local Blitz Story

Our Indianapolis Digital Marketing Office


Our Co-Founder, Nick Bennett, born and raised on the Southeast side of Indianapolis, Co-Founded the SEO company and Digital Marketing agency, Local Blitz, in San Diego and decided the timing was right to open an office in Indianapolis in 2018. The classic song “back home again in Indiana”, was ringing in his head and thus Local Blitz made the decision to have dual offices in Indianapolis and in San Diego, with support teams to cover both locations. It has been great to have a presence back in the circle city, but Nick won’t be often complaining about trips back to San Diego in mid-January!

The Local Blitz SEO Process

Digital Marketing...Done Right

SEO Discovery Phase

While it goes without saying that every phase of the project is important, this phase is where the stage is really set. This phase is generally our first point of contact with a new client where we learn about what the SEO need actually looks like. Over the years we have worked in markets in 15+ US states and 4+ different countries, with this in mind, being an Indianapolis based SEO service provider gives us the unique advantage to apply our knowledge of the Indy market directly to your search marketing and advertising campaigns, but our experience in other markets allows for scalability and effective implementation of larger scale campaigns. All these and many other considerations are what is uncovered during the SEO Discovery Phase. We know that every business is different which is why we seek to gain a deep understanding of every unique need from the first interaction.


SEO Strategy Communication Phase

This is the phase where we generally put out a proposal for clients, letting them know what the SEO strategy will look like for them.  We put together SEO campaigns with a focus on KPIs that we have identified during the discovery phase and create custom strategies to move the needle on those specific KPIs.


Project Kick Off Phase

We understand that every client is at different levels of understanding when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), so this is the point in the project where we work to ensure the client knows what to expect in the coming months.


SEO Implementation Phase

After putting the strategy together and making certain that everyone is on the same page, this is where we put the plan into action and get to work. The SEO implementation phase is, of course, crucial to getting our clients results, which is why we aim to give clients as much or as little information as they want about what is going on behind the scenes. We know that much of the internet marketing work we implement is not fully tangible, so during the ongoing implementation we focus on remaining as transparent as possible, all while making sure we are working toward getting our clients real SEO results that they understand.


Reporting and Review Phase

A true SEO campaign is fluid and this is why we are constantly reviewing and reporting to our clients on how things are going. Search engines like Google update their algorithms constantly and in turn, we review data constantly for our clients to ensure, while algorithm changes are happening that we are still able to move the needle for them.  As an Indianapolis SEO Company we know from experience that communication is the key to success in almost any type of project and this is the phase where we communicate and adapt as needed.

Types of SEO Campaigns

Local SEO

Local Indianapolis SEO

Local SEO is simply SEO that is focused on the local market that your business serves. If you are a business type that only serves your local market this is the type of SEO campaign that will likely be best for you. As an SEO service provider, we work to fully define the radius of your service area and put together a strategy that will work to get you results in those geographies.

Regional SEO

Regional SEORegional SEO campaigns are the type of campaign that works best for businesses that cover larger areas. For instance, if you serve all of Indiana rather than just Indianapolis, this will likely be the best option for you. Also, if you serve multiple states in the Midwest or some other region this will be the type of campaign we will want to focus on for you. Generally, a regional SEO campaign contains elements of Local SEO that is then expanded to meet the needs of a larger geographical area.

National SEONational SEO

Just as it sounds National SEO is the type of campaign that would cover the entirety of a country.  While most often this is a focus on the United States, we are suited to do national campaigns in other English speaking countries such as Canada, the UK, and Australia.

International SEOInternational SEO

International SEO is simply a focus on markets in a variety of different countries that can be focused on regions within those countries or the countries as a whole.  We have worked in counties such as the United States, Canada, and England, but are set up to operate in any English speaking country across the globe.

About Local Blitz

At Local Blitz, we are focused on both getting our clients results and remaining transparent at every turn, so our clients know exactly what is going on.  We have worked hard to build a truly world class team that will make the client experience the best possible. If you have found yourself seeking out an Indianapolis SEO Company, contact us today to learn about the Local Blitz difference, you will not regret it!

Our Indianapolis SEO and Digital Marketing Office

Our Indianapolis SEO and Digital Marketing Office is located right in the heart of the Broad Ripple Village, directly next door to Fresh Thyme Market and The Coil Apartments at 815 E 63rd Pl Suite #103, Indianapolis, IN 46220.  Whether you are a client or not, stop on it, we love to talk about our favorite topic, Digital Marketing and SEO in Indianapolis!

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