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Advertising is not what it once was, and at one point or another businesses both big and small realize that implementing a social media marketing strategy is key to their business success… but, often quickly realize how complex that process is. From crafting the right kind of content to making sure it’s actually being seen (cue SEO), there’s a lot to consider.

The truth is, getting visibility online and ranking on page-one of Google is a big task, but the good news is Local Blitz, a digital marketing firm located in Indianapolis Indiana understands the nuts and bolts of social media success. We know how to keep up with search engine algorithms and help you rank organically.

We not only provide customized search optimization services, but also build websites for a range of budgets and business needs… which means you don’t have to choose between social media optimization and having a great-looking website that can actually generate leads.

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When it come to social media marketing, we can help you with the following services:

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Here at Indy Blitz, we can help you start crafting your social media plan by analyzing your existing social media accounts and followers. A big part of streamlining this part of your strategy is assigning team members to promotion, design and messaging tasks. We can help you set clearly defined goals for both the short- and long-term so you can help organize your team more effectively.

Let’s take a look into how our agency will begin building your plan:

The Phases of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Crafting a strong social media game is multi-faceted, which means it’s important to evaluate each moving part individually. Because social media is a critical part of digital marketing, we believe a truly successful social media campaign should work in several phases, including:

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Phase 1: Crafting a defined strategy/plan

In this phase we’ll take a deep dive into your company and other aspects of your marketing approach including your current social media strategy, if any. From there we’ll develop both short-term and long-term goals.

Phase 2: Content creation

We’ll help develop a content strategy to use on your social media platforms and other digital marketing outlets.

Phase 3: Cross-Channel promotion

We’ll take a holistic look at your internet marketing and consider how to cross-promote in order to best reach your desired audience.

Phase 4: Data analysis and revisions

Social media is ever evolving and we consider it a process instead of a one-and-done activity. After your social media marketing plan is put in action it’s time to collect metrics and assess what’s working and what isn’t.

We’ll help support you through each of these phases. During the initial part of this process there are two other important phases: analysis and goal-setting.

Here’s how it works:

Search Engine Optimization Analysis

When it comes to your search engine optimization strategy, we can help you implement best practices into every facet of your marketing content.

We can also help:

  • Craft organic, on-brand content
  • Pinpoint the most effective SEO keywords
  • Improve overall user experience
  • Build relevant links
  • Reach new customers

Setting Audience Goals

Setting goals is an important part of the digital marketing process. Most digital marketing agencies approach new client relationship with an in-depth consultative process to better understand what you’re hoping to achieve from a marketing strategy. Perhaps you want to increase sales by cross-promoting and getting more traffic to your online store, or maybe you want to launch a brand awareness campaign that will expand your organic reach. Whatever it is, we can help.

Some of the most common goals include:

1. Increase brand awareness

We can start a sharing campaign and measure metrics like influencer mentions, follower numbers, retweets and app downloads generated by social media.

2. Increase website traffic

We can help drive social media followers to website landing pages and track metrics like time on site, visits from social sites and total website visits.

3. Improve conversion rates

We can help you set up web forms where social followers sign up for discount offers or newsletter lists. We can also help track metrics such as assisted social conversions, total site entries and total conversions.

4. Implement cross-channel promotion

We use a multi-channel approach so that your prospects get reminded about offers via platforms such as website retargeting ads, text messaging and email marketing.

5. Analyze the results

We can help you evaluate how well the social media campaign performed in terms of engagement metrics, customer value, and new sales numbers.

We offer a free consultation to our clients so we can get a feel from what you’re hoping to achieve. We can also support :

    • Paid search marketing (or SEM marketing which uses image and text ads on search platforms like Bing and Google)

    • Display marketing

    • Paid social media marketing

    • Influencer marketing

Social Media Management Services

Once we have your plan in place we can help you with the upkeep… because truthfully, a plan is only as good if it’s being used properly.

Analyze social media audience — We can help pinpoint who your customers are, what their preferences are, and where your users are located. We can also evaluate what platforms they’re engaging with most while identifying relevant influencers.

Strategize content placement — Whether it’s figuring out what to post on Instagram and Facebook or how to make sure your brand messaging is consistent across all your digital marketing outlets.

Keyword monitoring — We can help target and track the most relevant keywords for your industry and goals so you can experience more traffic, conversion, and brand visibility.

Web Design

Indy Blitz can also support your web design and graphic design needs. Often, your website is the first thing your customers and potential clients see, so it’s important to make a good first impression. Our agency services focus on clean, user-friendly design that attract and retain visitors. Paired with an effective social media implementation and management plan, often the results speak for themselves.

About Indy Blitz

Indy Blitz was founded by Nick Bennett who has over a decade of marketing experience. He also runs a separate digital marketing agency and consultancy with locations in San Diego and Indianapolis.