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Internet Marketing Agency Indianapolis

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After being founded in San Diego, CA in 2009, Local Blitz expanded and became an Internet Marketing Agency in Indianapolis as well.  Co-Founder Nick Bennett, born and raised on the South Side of Indianapolis, loves the circle city and wanted to take an opportunity to expand the business from Southern California to his hometown of Indianapolis, IN!  Since expanding in 2018, Local Blitz has built a solid presence as a digital marketing agency in Indianapolis.  We have worked with businesses in countless different niches and geographies and we are proud to have a presence in the circle city!  From Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, Mass Ave all the way to Carmel, IN, we love everything that Indy has to offer and are proud to be an Internet Marketing Agency in Indianapolis.

Our Internet Marketing Services in Indianapolis

Located in the Broad Ripple neighborhood in Indianapolis we offer a wide range of custom internet marketing services in Indianapolis.  We understand there are a lot of different directions to head in when it comes to internet marketing, which is exactly why during an initial consult we help clients determine what direction may be best for them.  If we can help with our areas of internet marketing experience we are always more than happy to help!  If for some reason your need and our skill sets are not a good fit we have a great network of trusted partners to help you!  Yes, we are located in Indianapolis and yes we are more than happy to talk to you no matter where you are at in the process or how large or small your business is!

SEO Services

Whether you need help with Local SEO, Regional SEO, National SEO, or even International SEO, we at Local Blitz are constantly running successful SEO campaigns for clients in a variety of business niches!

Online Advertising

From Google Ads to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN we have run successful online advertising campaigns for clients of all shapes and sizes!

Email Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Need help with social media marketing or a more robust social presence? We are doing just that for our clients, working on most major platforms!

Simon White

Co-Founder/Google Organic and Paid advertising

The founder, Simon White, is a 17 year Veteran of the High Tech World. He has worked for Nokia Mobile Phones, Fujitsu Corporation, Hughes Network System, SiliconWave (a Bluetooth pioneer bought by Qualcomm), Innocomm Wireless (a Bluetooth and WiMax/4G company acquired by National Semiconductor), and Quorum Systems ( a 3G cellular company acquired by Spreadtrum Communications of China). Simon worked as both an engineer and technical marketing manager. Simon has owned his own retail store with 14+ employees, so understands the problems that small business owners face. Simon now works with many small businesses across the United States in addition to several clients in the United Kingdom. Simon and his team uses their years of technical “know how” and marketing expertise to find a solution for every small business needs. Local Blitz Marketing will put together a solutions package that best serves each and every client. Each marketing system and method is tried and tested on personal websites to ensure what works and what does not.

Nick Bennett

Co-Founder/Social Media Advertising

From his humble roots in the Midwest, Nick grew up in the marketing world.  Appearing in Indianapolis TV commercials as young as 6 as a result of his fathers local production house, it could be said that marketing and creativity are in his blood. He feels that Local Blitz brings a couple things to the table that set our team above the rest. One key component: a true working relationship with clients. He prides himself on making decisions that are not just good for Local Blitz but also good for the clients they proudly serve.  In addition, he believes that Local Blitz is a team of problem solvers.

“Local Blitz is a creative marketing company that also solves problems. We do not provides one-size-fits-all solutions like so many people in the digital space, because we have all been down that road and quite frankly, it doesn’t work.  We truly care about the success of our clients and we are selective about who we will and won’t take on as clients because if goals and realities do not match up, it is a bad situation for all involved”

Adam Rosati

Creative Director/Client Relations

Fun loving and creative to the core, Adam is everything visual for Local Blitz. Once we implement a project, Adam supports our clients throughout the process.  Whether it be web design, a branding package, or top notch photography, you either have it or you don’t, and Adam has it!  Local Blitz is proud to feature his work for both clients and internal projects alike.  If you need a joke, a smile or a great piece of art, this is your guy.

Broad Ripple

Our Indianapolis Office

In the heart of Indianapolis, we are proud to have a presence in the circle city!  Our Co-Founder Nick Bennett was born and raised in Indy and is proud to have now expanded offerings into his hometown.  Whether it is an SEO campaign, online advertising, social media marketing, or email marketing, we are proud to serve the community as an Indianapolis Digital Marketing Agency!  If you find yourself needing help navigating the ever more complicated landscape of internet marketing contact us and we would love to chat with you about our favorite topic of online marketing!