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Internet Marketing Consulting in San DiegoInternet Marketing Consultant in San Diego!

The internet marketing arena – can be almost impossible to keep up with, even for people like us that live and breathe it!  Our team at Local Blitz all have different tasks assign to keep up with the latest internet marketing trends.  From SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing and Advertising, we all spend hours training each week to keep up with our areas of focus and make sure that we are delivering the most relevant information to the clients that have contracted us for internet marketing consulting here in San Diego!

Whether it be a short term project to get your marketing department headed in the right direction or ongoing consultation, we have a custom solution that works for all different business niches and budget levels.  We have consulted with clients in more niches than we can even count now!

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What type of internet marketing consultant are we?

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Strategy on Content Marketing
    • White Hat techniques that work
    • Competitive Research on link profiles etc
    • Detailed strategy for clients to implement
  • Email Marketing
    • How to best choose an Email platform and CRM that will scale with you
    • Email marketing tech tips
      • Deliverability
      • CAN SPAM compliance
      • Best practices
    • Copy Consulting
      • How to compose effective copy for your business that translates to sales
    • Analytics Set up
      • How to view analytics
        • What is a success
        • What is a failure
  • Social Media Marketing and Advertising
    • All MAJOR channels
    • How to capitalize and properly market your product
  • Google Adwords Consulting
    • What metrics should you be looking at
    • What keywords make sense for your business
  • General Internet Marketing Consulting
    • Full-scale sales funnel diagrams
      • Including
        • CRM choice
        • E-Mail Automation
        • CTR optimization
        • automated lead generation
        • Building Digital Assets
        • ….and a lot more


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