Automated Follow Up Systems

LocalBlitz  uses Infusionsoft Marketing Automation System to offer the most advanced automated marketing system available today to our customers.

What if all of the latest marketing tools could be found in one place and have the versatility and effectiveness of a Swiss Army Knife? What if you could take all of these tools and automate your process to basically “set it and go”?

With our unique Automated Marketing and Sales System, everything is changing on how you grow your business and promote your cause. We offer a revolutionary new way to communicate and follow up with your business connections, leads, customers, family and friends. You are able to create marketing campaigns that utilize all the traditional channels of lead generation such as phone, email and web forms and adds in the game changing new methods of mobile text marketing and business card scanning.


There are seven distinct phases to the Perfect Customer Lifecycle:

  1. Attract Traffic
    This includes all of the work you do to generate interest in your business, like website traffic, foot traffic, etc. that comes from online/offline advertising, partners, etc.
  2. Capture Leads
    Smart businesses are very intentional about capturing contact information for interested leads as well as permission to follow up. You can’t follow up if they leave your site or store without giving you their info!
  3. Nurture Prospects
    Let’s face it, some leads are hot, and some are not.  Smart businesses have appropriate follow-up in place to educate & build trust with their new leads. Some take 5 minutes to warm up, some take five weeks, some take five years, but when you nurture well, you are the one they think about when they are ready to buy.
  4. Convert Sales
    Once prospects are hot, it’s time to turn them into customers. Whether you have a sales team, or you use automatic follow-up to get the job done, you’ve got to close the business.
  5. Deliver & Satisfy
    What are you doing to make sure that every new customer is completely wowed by you? In addition to delivering your core service, there are many small but powerful strategies for creating happy customers
  6. Upsell Customers 
    We all know that it is significantly cheaper to resell a new product to an existing customer, but too often we aren’t systematic enough about offering additional products to customers who’ve already bought.
  7. Get Referrals
    Finally, there are never any better leads than those who come from referrals. What are you doing to ensure that your customers are referring you when they get asked the questions.

Once you have used Our Automated Marketing and Sales System to generate your new leads we give you the all of the tools to follow up and create multiple selling opportunities. Your options are numerous and including

  • direct-to-voicemail,
  • email
  • autoresponders,
  • direct mail – print,
  • mobile text messaging
  • teleseminars
  • webinars