Our Approach to Online Advertising

As an online advertising agency, we understand that everyone’s need for online advertising is unique.  At Local Blitz, we have a philosophy of test, test, and test again. We take a scientific and data-driven approach to online advertising campaigns, rather than a set and forget it approach.  Our team is versed in many of the major advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. Each of these online advertising platforms has unique challenges to get results; this is why our team has dedicated members that are trained on the most up to date changes in each platform to continue getting our clients the results that they desire with online ads.

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Deciding the Right Online Ad Type for our Clients

While many clients already know exactly where they want to advertise, some are not sure where their online ad spend may go the furthest.  We generally will try and get a gauge on what a new client has budgeted for online advertising during our first conversation with them, and then we point them in the right direction based on their advertising budget.

One of the first concepts that we explain to clients that are new to online advertising is the concept of search advertisingas opposed to interruption advertising.  If you have a product or service that is already well known and has search volume associated with it, generally search marketing and advertising is the best place to start.  This involves search ads on Google and Bing to get you in front of in-market customers.

On the other hand, if you have a unique product and want to get exposure for a problem you are solving that may not have a ton of search volume on search engines like Google, interruption advertising may be the best place to start.  When describing interruption ads, normally we use the analogy of traditional media like TV or Radio Ads. Interruption advertising is simply putting an ad in front of someone that is doing something else, like scrolling Facebook, Instagram or other websites.

Online Search Ads

Google Ads And Bing Ads


We run Google Search Ads for a variety of different business types and this falls into the category of “search advertising”.  There are a ton of considerations when running a solid search marketing and advertising campaign. One thing to consider to maximize your search marketing and advertising power is using SEO and online advertising in tandem with one another.  This can help to get multiple page placements on the search terms that are important to your business. Not to mention that SEO and online advertising have a very symbiotic relationship.

Another consideration for running Google Ads is what to budget with Google Ads campaigns.  This is a very common question we get from clients, and it is understandable that they want a gauge on how far their online advertising spend will go with Google Ads.  The CPC (Cost Per Click) varies widely from industry to industry, but just ask and we can get you an estimate on what to expect in that regard.

As an online advertising agency, we have thousands of hours of experience running Google Ads and we know how to properly optimize campaigns for our clients.  There are many considerations like a Google Ads Quality Score and broad match vs exact match keywords that can really make or break your campaign. These are the types of things we look at every day for our clients. Also, many service-based businesses are now running Google Home Services Ads for Local Businesses and we have assisted many of our clients in going through the application process and then optimizing these ads for lead generation.  Learn more about Google Home Service Ads HERE.  Every need is different and we have worked on Google Ads campaigns of all shapes and sizes!

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Online Interruption Advertising

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads


While there are many places to advertise online, one of our specialties as an agency is Facebook and Instagram Advertising. Whether the goal is online sales, lead generation, or a variety of other online advertising goals, we have experience running countless successful campaigns for clients in a variety of different niches.

There are a lot of considerations when running Facebook and Instagram ads and getting it right from the start is extremely important.  One major thing that we consider and review with our clients is choosing an offer for your Facebook Ads.  Even with the best targeting and online advertising agency at your disposal, a weak offer will make your Facebook or Instagram ad fade into the background of all the noise on the platform, so generally step one is honing in on an offer with our clients.

In addition to choosing an offer, as an online marketing agency, we must ensure we are choosing the right ad type on Facebook. This is where our thousands of hours of experience come in.  While there are many different ad types on Facebook choosing the right type and setting it up in a systematic way will ultimately dictate whether your Facebook and Instagram ad campaign is a success or failure.

Google Display Ads

One other arm of interruption advertising is Google Display Ads.  While Search Ads tend to be more well known by the business owners we speak with, Google Display Ads can be another powerful tool in your online advertising strategy.

Even if you don’t know what Google Display Ads are we are willing to bet you have experienced them.  Essentially Google has a network of over 3 million websites that the Google Display Network allows you to advertise on via the Google Ads Platform.  These are the banner ads that you see from time to time on websites and it can be very effective when done correctly. Google Display Network even allows for In Market Ads, which allows you to get in front of people that are “in market” for certain services based on their web activities.  A little creepy? Yes, but VERY powerful and the type of successful online advertising we run for clients all the time!

ROI and Transparency with Online Advertising

As a digital marketing agency, we pride ourselves on being fully transparent in everything we do including online advertising. We have set up systems where we pin down KPIs (key performance indicators) with our clients that allow us to report fully on ROI with their online advertising spend. For example, we track from call to click for every lead generation campaign we run, so our clients know exactly where each call is coming from. This is an important part of the process as it arms clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their online marketing and advertising spend. We pride ourselves on tracking these KPIs for clients and remaining transparent every step of the way!

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