Our Approach to SEO

Here at Local Blitz, we are proud to be an SEO company that offers custom solutions for our clients rather than cookie-cutter options.  In this day and age, SEO has become much more complex than when it first became well known in the business community. There are so many considerations to get results in SEO that the old school package model is no longer a viable option to get real results for clients.

So, what is the solution for getting results as an SEO company?  While there’s a lot that goes into it, we have built processes as an SEO agency that surround the idea of transparency and allow our clients to fully determine ROi with SEO.  The reality is that SEO is a moving target and what works today may not work tomorrow.  Some of the foundational concepts still apply but things are always evolving. This is exactly why as an SEO company, we understand that every client’s needs are different. With this in mind, we focus on putting together custom SEO solutions that prioritize getting long-term results for our loyal clients!

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Discovery Phase

When on-boarding a new client, the first order of business is to get everyone on the same “page”, pun intended.  We always ensure that we have honed in on KPIs (key performance indicators) with our clients from the get-go. For the large majority of our clients, lead generation is the most important aspect of determining whether or not an SEO campaign is working.  Alternatively, others may be more concerned with online sales or traffic to a website where they are selling ad space. No matter what the need we make sure to pin down high-level KPIs during the discovery stage in order to ensure that our team and the client are speaking the same language and moving toward the same goals.

discovery communication

Strategy Communication Phase

After we have determined what our KPIs will be, we then focus on communicating the basics of the strategy to the client.  This will be a variety of different deliverables and every client is unique in how involved in the process they choose to be.  The important thing is communicating what we are doing and making sure that the client understands realistic timelines. With transparency always on our mind, it’s essential that we give the client a proper understanding of what we, as an SEO Agency, will be doing behind the scenes.

Project Kick Off Phase

This is the part in the process where we confirm that the client understands exactly what to expect both from an implementation and reporting perspective.  As an agency, we pride ourselves on being extremely transparent every step of the way, so this phase is crucial. As an SEO company, we want to make sure the client knows what to expect during this ongoing process.

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Implementation Phase

Now it’s time to get to work on the SEO campaign.  We now know the KPIs and have communicated the strategy so it’s time to get to work on that strategy.  This is the time when our team at Local Blitz starts hammering away at all of those action items for the client we communicated earlier.  At this point in the process, we are scheduling items for months to come for the project with an understanding that our plan will be fluid as the SEO landscape changes.

Reporting and Review Phase

For those who have previous experience, they already know that SEO is a long-term game.  This is why this last phase of reporting and review is so important.  In general, we report monthly to clients on the KPIs that we have determined at project start. This allows them to see any gains we have made and understand any potential opportunities that might exist.  SEO is a moving target and as an SEO company, we are constantly researching the most cutting-edge tactics to get our clients results. As an SEO agency, we review your project very often, but will generally report on progress and any change in strategy monthly to ensure that you know exactly what is going on with your SEO campaign.


Ready for a 

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Local SEO

Simply defined, local SEO is an SEO strategy that focuses on a local market(s), immediately surrounding your business or multiple locations in different geographies.  For instance, if you are in a metro area, then Local SEO may focus on a portion of that metro area to ensure you get as much exposure as possible in your area. Generally, a Local SEO campaign focuses on optimizing Google My Business for Local SEObuilding citations for local SEO, and a variety of other things to get results in your local market. For example, this might mean creating new SEO focused content and/or improving on page SEO.  The key here is to focus on the local area and choose the best search terms to get your business as much exposure as possible in the right way. While the above mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg on what it takes to get results with Local SEO, these are some of the high-level deliverables we put in place to get our local clients the results they desire. Many clients we talk to are not certain about the difference between Local SEO vs Organic SEO, but generally speaking, these are concepts that work in tandem with one another and are independent strategies in a comprehensive Local SEO campaign.

regionall seoo

Regional SEO

Regional SEO is just what it sounds like; we focus on a region rather than one specific locale.  While Local SEO may work in tandem with regional SEO, that is not always the case. If we are working Local SEO and Regional SEO in tandem, many of the aforementioned Local SEO deliverables will come into play.  Additionally, to get results in Regional SEO, you must understand the importance of content for SEO, along with the interlinking importance for SEO. As a general rule, a fair amount of content will be generated by our team or by the client to get results in this arena.  Also, a fair amount of the work in this area will require both onpage and offpage SEO, which is a combination of optimizing content, building authority links to the website and sending as many signals to Google as possible to indicate what your website is about and what geographic area you serve (where applicable).

nationall seoo

National SEO

National SEO calls for a similar approach to that of Regional SEO.  As an SEO company, we must determine whether the focus will be solely national and focused on organic listings or if the campaign will focus on both local SEO and national SEO.  Many clients that we work with have locations in multiple metro areas across the country which generally makes them a good candidate for local and national SEO. However, some clients just have a website that they want to get more exposure to on a national level, in this circumstance we would focus only on organic listings.  This may sound a bit cumbersome or confusing if you have never worked with an SEO company before, but one quick call will clear all this up so you know exactly how to proceed.

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International SEO

At Local Blitz, we have also worked Internationally, specifically in England. Many of the same concepts already described will be applied to the countries where you are looking to market and as with all other types of SEO, the International SEO will be a custom solution to you.  Generally speaking, we only work internationally in English speaking languages, though we have worked campaigns in other languages where the client created content that we then optimized.

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