PPC Management San Diego

A Data Driven Approach to Online Advertising

PPC Management

As an online marketing and advertising agency, we understand that PPC Management San Diego can be a daunting task for the small to medium sized business owner that doesn’t have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff member to consistently manage the campaign.  At Local Blitz, we have experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes that need help with PPC management. While we don’t work on every platform that exists, we do have extensive experience and knowledge working on some of the biggest PPC platforms in the world including, Google Ads (Search and Display), Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.

Our approach to PPC is simple.  Remain as transparent as possible for our clients and let the data tell us what to do.  While launching a campaign may seem simple, having a campaign that converts and is well optimized is an entirely different animal. To get meaningful results with ongoing conversions, a lot of time and knowhow must go into the creation of a PPC campaign. Some of the things we work on while launching PPC campaigns are helping clients choose offers for Facebook Ads and Google Ads, choosing the right ad types on Facebook and Google, and also making sure the client knows what to budget with Google Ads campaigns or Facebook campaigns.  All of these elements are crucial to creating a campaign that is successful both short term and long term, so we work with clients on getting it right from the start!


Manage Google Ads

Google Ads ManagmentGoogle Ads, formerly Google Adwords, has become an increasingly complicated platform over the years.  While the ease of getting started is attractive, creating a comprehensive and well optimized campaign takes experience and ongoing training.  A well optimized campaign requires constantly focusing on increasing Google Ads Quality Scores, analyzing data to compute client ROI and lead flow, and also testing new ideas to ensure that the ad spend on Google is going as far as possible.  

For our Google Ads Management service, we ensure that from the start of any project that we have effectively identified our clients KPIs (key performance indicators) and that we are reporting back to them the data points that are most important to the success of their business.  For some clients, they are looking for PPC leads, while others are looking for online sales; every business is different. This is exactly why we make it a focus to ensure that we know exactly what the client is looking to accomplish and set up analytics systems to ensure that they are armed with the data they need to make business decisions about ROI with a managed PPC campaign. This transparency and communication philosophy is how we have become one of the top PPC Management companies in San Diego!

Facebook Ads Management / Instagram Ads

Facebook AdvertisingFacebook and Instagram ads are run on the same platform under the heading of Facebook Ads, since Facebook purchased Instagram in April of 2012.  The Facebook Ads platform can be an extremely complicated landscape to navigate and produce results on.  No different than the Google Ads platform they make it convenient and easy to get started placing ads, but to put together a well optimized campaign that actually converts it is crucial to have a Facebook Advertising Expert on your side that understands the ins and outs of the platform.

Some of the major considerations on the platform include: choosing and testing effective targeting, choosing effective Facebook offers, and analyzing Facebook Ads data. Knowing how to properly analyze this Facebook Ads data is absolutely crucial to putting together an effective campaign on Facebook and/or Instagram.  There are many considerations and every business is different, but having a Facebook Ad Expert on your side is a must to make the ad spend ROI.

Control Other Online Paid Advertising 

While the majority of inquiries we receive are in relation to Google Ads or Facebook and Instagram Ads, there are of course other options to advertise on the web.  Some of the other areas that we have experience with as an agency include managing LinkedIN Advertising Campaigns, managing Adroll campaigns for clients, and even creating placements on YouTube Ads.  Every client we work with has a unique need and a different audience they are attempting to reach, so we have built a team that is versed in most major platforms.  On top of that, if for some reason our skill sets and your need are not aligned, we know a ton of industry people and will be able to connect you with someone who has the specific expertise that you are looking to find.