Google Adwords Management


Our Approach to Google Ads Managment


Google Ads ManagmentAt Local Blitz, we provide Google Adwords Management, now know as Google Ads for a variety of different business niches, with a host of different objectives.  Our approach to managing Google Ads is very straightforward, let the data tell us what to do. The Google Adwords platform can be rather complicated when you start to dig in and there are a variety of different data points that must be addressed in order to create a successful long-term campaign.

While there are many different considerations for properly optimizing a Google Adwords campaign some of the types of things that we keep a pulse on are Google Ads Quality Scores, top converting keywords and display websites, bidding strategies, and ultimately getting our clients the highest level of results at the lowest advertising cost that is realistic in their particular niche.

Our team is highly trained in Google Adwords Management and some team members have been working in the platform for over a decade.  Our philosophy with Google Ads is to double down on what is working and keep testing new ideas, like ad copy, keyword placements, and display placements.  Again, we have found that if we aanalyze the data it always tells us what to do, but it takes a keen eye and some know-how to maximize the success of a campaign, which is something we do for clients every single day!


Getting Started with Google Adwords Management


As a digital marketing agency we have worked with clients at all levels of experience with Google Ads and one of the most common questions we get is “What to budget with Google Ads Campaigns”.  One of the biggest drivers of what to budget is what the anticipated CPC or cost per click is for your industry and campaign.  As a Google Ads Management provider, we always make sure that clients have some idea of what to expect in this regard. The CPC can vary widely from industry to industry and will ultimately dictate what we will recommend that you budget for the marketing campaign.

Another important element in getting a campaign started is in-depth keyword research.  A well-optimized campaign starts with a solid foundation and keyword research is just that.  In order to make the campaign effective for you marketing goals keyword research will give us information on many different data points, such as search volume and estimated CPC for the chosen keywords and search terms.  This information allows us to set up the campaign right from the word go and then we get to work on adding in more keywords and optimizing the campaign to ensure it is performing as best possible as the Google Ads platform changes alongside the

Search Ads Vs Display Ads with Google Ads


Google Ads ManagementSome clients we work with are familiar with search ads on Google, but sometimes not familiar with Google Display Network.  Both are very powerful arms of the Google Adwords platform, but the objectives and strategies are very different.  Many people are familiar with search ads that are served when searching for a service or a product. These ads can be very powerful to find people that are actively searching for a product or service that your business may offer.

On the other hand, Google Display Ads are more of what we would call “Interruption Marketing”, meaning that they are ads served to people based on demographic targeting rather than specifically bidding on search terms.  Google Display Network is essentially a network of over 3 million websites that Google allows you to advertise on, generally with banner ads. This can be a very effective technique and many clients will run search and display ads at the same time.  That said, every need is different and sometimes only running one of the two ad types will be best for specific needs.

ROI and Transparency with Google Adwords Management


As a digital marketing agency, we always make transparency our focus with every client.  We understand that often times in the digital world there are elements that are not fully tangible to our clients, which is why we make communication a priority for every client.  While you may not care about the nuts and bolts of what is going on day to day, you do need to have an idea of what is working and what is not, which is exactly why we track everything from click to call and always do our best to ensure that our clients are armed with the information they need to track ROI with their Google Ads and other digital marketing campaigns.