What Can You Use a Press Release For?

There are many opportunities to release a Press Release for your Business, here are a few ideas

  1. Hiring a new employee
  2. Getting a great review on Google, Yelp or other review platform
  3. Getting an industry award
  4. Make changes to your website
  5. Buying new equipment for your business
  6. Hitting sales goals in your business

10 Essential Pieces of Information Needed for A Press Release 

  1. What are you announcing (something new or recent)?
  2. Name of company, title, years in business.
  3. What are you selling/promoting? Why is it good? How is this different from others? What sets you a part from others?
  4. Quote about your product or service. This is a good place to give the WHY people should purchase/use.
  5. What do you want to accomplish? What are you about? Sometimes this is good for the body of the article them expand sale around this.
  6. Any validation or supporting facts/science behind what you’re launching? Facts and data are good to use.
  7. Opinions can be used as quotes.
  8. What makes you the authority? Schooling,qualifications, studies you’ve done, etc.
  9. Sound as if you’re being interviewed.
  10. How to contact you.

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