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Whether you need guidance on researching SEO keywords, building a website, managing your social media accounts, or creating the perfect monthly newsletter, Local Blitz can provide an impactful digital marketing strategy to meet your needs. After a free consultation with our Indianapolis digital marketing team, you’ll learn about the various marketing channels that will make online advertising an effective tool for expanding your business. As an Indianapolis digital marketing agency we offer SEO services, digital marketing consultation, web design, social media marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services.

One of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies

At Local Blitz our in-house specialists support both small and large clients across the nation. Whether you are focused on traditional marketing techniques or exploring various news marketing channels, our experienced team of project managers, digital marketing managers, copy writers, and SEO specialists ensure that your digital marketing efforts directly support your business objectives. Our focus on results makes us one of the best digital marketing agencies in Indianapolis.

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Indianapolis Digital Marketing Company

Digital marketing refers to any format of advertising that’s done online, including social media advertisements, Google AdWords, email marketing, blogs, SEO-based website content, and pay-per-click ad placements.

Since digital marketing is evolving at a rapid place, it’s essential to work with an Indianapolis digital marketing company that understands your unique needs and how they fit into the wider internet marketing trends. Our agency will help you gauge the most effective tools for your budget and timeline.

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Indianapolis Digital Marketing Services

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to building an effective digital marketing strategy. To ensure that your marketing efforts align with your ad budget, we offer a variety of online services to meet your needs, including:

  • Ad budget guidelines & ROI statistics

  • Advanced user testing to determine the most impactful use of budget

  • Search engine-optimized (SEO) driven ad placement 

  • Ongoing metrics and reporting to capture the results of your ad spend

  • Custom content creation, pay-per-click ad management, social media marketing, and more

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our digital agency gives you access to the latest national and local internet marketing trends. Whether you’re looking to build up clientele in a specific region or boost online sales during the holiday season, our Indianapolis-based digital marketing firm develops strategies that gain results. In some cases this could mean running ads on multiple platforms. In other situations we may focus on particular key words and organic SEO development.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or “search engine optimization” is one of the most important components of your digital marketing efforts. By leveraging research and data analytics, SEO marketing allows you to create ads and content that directly corresponds to what your target customers are searching for online.

SEO campaigns can support targeted, rapid business growth as well as long-term customer pipeline strategies. SEO strategy can be within website development and meta-data architecture as well as to inform a Google AdWords campaign. 

How Our Indianapolis Digital Marketing Company Supports Local SEO

One of the best ways to gain more customers in a specific location is through a strong local SEO framework. Our marketing agency will provide a deep analysis of customers in a geographic segment and then develop SEO strategies that can attract those customers. By using tools like Google Maps, Google My Business, targeted ad campaigns and other platforms, our digital marketing team can help you grow in whichever region you determine best for your business.

SEO & Digital Marketing Strategy

As an Indianapolis digital marketing agency we deliver customized online marketing campaigns to help you meet your business objectives. Whether you are working to build brand awareness on social media, boost sales, book more appointments, or gather more prospects, we can help you pick the right combination of tools to achieve your goals through our in-depth SEO digital marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO analytics allow us to see what potential customers are looking for on websites like Google. From there, our team can determine which keywords should be leveraged in blog posts or paid media ads that will drive meaningful traffic to your website. Our experienced Indianapolis digital marketing team closely tracks SEO algorithm updates and reporting technology to ensure that your budget drives the highest impact.

Our digital marketing agency SEO services include:

  • Insights on the latest SEO algorithm updates

  • Advanced SEO keyword research 

  • Website link building & content recommendations 

  • SEO metrics and ROI reporting

  • On-page and off-page SEO services 

  • Google My Business page support

Get started with a free consultation with our team.

SEO Analytics

SEO reporting is a crucial element of any successful SEO campaign. Local Blitz specializes in detailed SEO analytics that allow us to see what’s working and where we need to adjust our strategy.

Our focus on transparency means that we consistently track the most successful SEO campaigns and make adjustments to ensure your strategy aligns with your goals. Our data-informed approach to SEO marketing allows us to adapt quickly and build campaigns that support your highest return on investment. Our SEO analytics encompass a range of metrics, including:

  • Keyword analysis across various geographies and user segments

  • Tracking clicks and user engagement 

  • Insights and trends discovered via past SEO strategy 

  • SEO strategy against your KPIs (key performance indicators)

Custom Digital Marketing for Your Needs

When it comes to building a successful marketing strategy, every client has differing needs. The right combination of social media and email marketing may be the best option for some products or services, while in other cases local SEO marketing may be the key to driving results. Our marketing agency tailors your advertising portfolio to meet your specific demographics, corporate culture, and key performance indicators.

Impactful Web Design

A robust web site is often the most important marketing investment in your online advertising strategy. Professional web design services not only improve the look and feel of your website, but can impact its SEO and conversion performance.

Our team of experienced web designers build functional, beautiful, search engine optimized sites for a wide range of businesses and services. Whether you’re working with HTML and CSS or trying to improve your site’s user interface, our technical team provides the expertise to ensure your site is a success.

Why Digital Marketing Agencies are Key to a Successful Website

In addition to representing your business, a robust web site is key to your technical online marketing plan. Interface updates, meta-data architecture, load times, and SEO strategy are all important factors in increasing the number of visitors to your site, as well as the likelihood that they will book services or purchase products online. Our Indianapolis digital marketing team provides comprehensive technical guidance on all of these elements to ensure your website is an effective component of your marketing spend.

Digital Marketing & Web Design

Load-time testing, multi-device testing, and HTML programming are all key elements of web design that can impact your digital marketing success. In addition, improving the security of your web-based forms can boost a users’ experience and likelihood that they will purchase. At Local Blitz we employ a variety of testing tools and processes to ensure that users have the best possible experience when interacting with your site on a phone or desktop browser.

Our Website Development Process

We provide a detailed, consultative approach when it comes to building or improving your site. The process begins with a comprehensive discovery meeting where we’ll discuss your goals, learn more about your target clients, establish needs for website visitors, and learn more about your long-term website contact objectives.

Understanding Your Website Design Needs

Each client has a different need for their website. While some sites focus on the ability to book appointments, other websites are centered on selling a product, registering accounts, or providing information via a blog. By taking a custom approach, our digital marketing agency facilitates the creation of a website that’s tailored specifically to your ideal customers’ needs.

Website Wireframe Development Strategy

Once our team has determined the goals of your website, we will create a wireframe of the site. The wireframe provides an overall architecture that documents the initial concept of your website. This helps our Indianapolis digital marketing team plan for logo design, keyword strategy, social media highlights, and other elements that will tie into your online marketing plan.

Digital Marketing & Web Functionality

Our Indianapolis based marketing agency can assess your current website and determine if the design and functionality meet your user needs. Depending on your end user needs we may track load times, test multiple landing pages, and revise booking forms to improve the overall user experience.

Web Development & Backend Management

As digital marketing experts we provide detailed backend web development and web design services. This not only improves your site’s performance on search engines and helps bolster your SEO efforts, but also ensures that prospective customers can successfully navigate your site without errors or missing links.

Website Testing and Quality Control

Our digital marketing services include usability and quality testing. This process allows our web designers to view the pages on a secure browser and ensure that all components and forms are functioning as intended.

Mobile-Responsive Web Design

Mobile-responsive design means that your website is optimized for a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. On a mobile-friendly website the pages load quickly in a clear and visually-attractive manner regardless of the user’s screen size.

Our digital marketing agency measures responsiveness with a metric called, “cumulative layout shift”. Our review will ensure that call-to-action buttons are clear and users can easily navigate menus, content, and forms, even while on their mobile device.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media sites like YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram offer an important opportunity to target key users, drive engagement, and showcase brand loyalty. Each social media platform offers different strengths and challenges. Whether your goal is to boost online sales, generate leads, or build brand awareness, our Indianapolis digital marketing team can recommend the right tool for your objectives.

Digital Marketing for Social Media

Partnering with an expert digital marketing agency is one of the first steps in building your social media strategy. In addition to helping you identify the correct customer segment, our digital marketing services include in-depth analytical reporting that can help you pinpoint the most effective ways to spend your marketing dollars. From geographic filters to influencer ads, there is a range of digital marketing approaches that resonate well on social media.

Social Media Management

Social media management is a key element of interacting with prospective clients online. Our digital marketing services include recommendations and options for social media management, as well as guidance on how to time posts and engage with customers that want to know more about your brand through direct messaging, clicks, and comments.

Digital Marketing Agencies and Social Media Strategy

There are important considerations to make when designing and running social media advertisements. An unclear image or confusing text will be unsuccessful even when your ad hits the correct audience. On the other hand, a great ad will still be ineffective if it does not reach the right users. Our digital marketing services provide you with informed guidance on how to create ads and offers that reach the right audience at the best time.

Social Media Ads and Outreach Campaigns

Impactful social media ads and outreach campaigns can be designed to help you target the ideal customer. Social media platforms like Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram provide you with an opportunity to build brand loyalty, target users, and drive engagement.

As one of the best marketing agencies in Indianapolis focused on social media, we can help you design engaging content that not only speaks to your current followers but also expands your reach into new markets.

How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Boost Your Social Following

As digital marketing experts, our team can provide services to increase your social media following online. Our social media marketing services can be leveraged to identify new leads, boost followers, and even gather email addresses through contests or offers. Our team can build ads that are designed to be shared organically, as well as created comprehensive paid placements that reach your target audience.

Creating Content for Social Media Advertising 

Ad content regulations, trends, and demographic targeting tools are constantly evolving on paid social media advertising outlets. One of the most important aspects of building a successful social media advertising campaign is creating high-quality ads that comply with the latest platform regulations. Our Indianapolis digital marketing company can provide support with content creation, imagery, copywriting, targeting and budgeting techniques that ensure your ads are clear and effective.

Increased Revenue Through Data-Driven Decisions

Our marketing agency is focused on helping you identify qualified leads, build effective marketing plans, and reach your ideal customers. One of the ways we ensure your success is through data-driven decision-making. Every advertisement, social media campaign, newsletter, and SEO bid is measured and tracked against correlated results. This helps us understand what works best for your goals and make informed decisions as our strategy evolves.

Effective Strategies for Your Marketing Budget

A great digital marketing agency doesn’t just create ads and manage your website; they should be an integral component of building an effective marketing strategy. Whether you are looking to boost revenue, increase brand awareness, or promote a new offering, we offer several tools to help you build an effective solution, including reports on:

  • SEO keyword performance over time

  • Cost-per-click analysis (CPC)

  • Local, geographical, and regional SEO metrics 

  • KPI (key performance indicator) reporting 

  • ROI analysis of your total marketing spend

We use this data to build effective marketing strategies based on your demographics and current customer demands.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective content marketing tools available. Email marketing allows you to communicate your brand identity, engage with customers, and promote new products and services, all within one impactful message that goes directly to your target audience.

How Digital Marketing Supports Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is an effective and affordable digital advertising tool that communicates your brand identity by promoting your products and services and communicating with your customers. If a customer has shown interest by opting to receive your emails, you have a good chance of increasing sales opportunities. A digital marketing firm can also provide essential guidance on:

  • List segmentation 

  • Graphic design

  • Open rates & click rate analysis 

  • Subject line testing and content creation 

  • Advanced campaigns and sequencing of messages

Through link building and consistent testing, our team will ensure that once your users open your email messages, they will be directed to a clear and functional website that allows them to complete their purchase or sign up for your services.

Digital Marketing Experts and Pay-Per-Click Services

Our digital marketing services are ideal for helping businesses build PPC campaigns for the Indianapolis market. PPC, or “pay-per-click” tools are an essential component of many internet marketing plans, and can be hard to manage without expert guidance.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) digital marketing allows you to only pay for an ad if it is viewed by your customers. Google Ads is the most popular PPC (“pay-per-click”) bidding platform in the world. The cost of a PPC bid can vary from a few cents to a few dollars depending on certain variables. Digital marketing experts can help you select the right keywords, landing pages, and ad content, to create effective PPC bids.

PPC Campaigns

A PPC campaign can help you get more customers and increase sales towards a specific offer, product, or market segment. As a dynamic bidding platform, Google Ads constantly changes the PPC delivery methods and rates based on a complex algorithm. Our digital marketing services can help you develop data-driven PPC campaigns that take into account multiple bidding dynamics across your marketing channels.

CPC Campaigns

CPC, or “cost-per-click” is a term that describes the overall cost of advertising within a platform. While PPC can be used to describe the way an ad is paid for, CPC describes the overall cost or return on investment of the campaign as a whole. CPC may be used to analyze Google Ad campaigns, social media advertisements, and email marketing solutions.

PPC and CPC Costs Overtime 

When working with our Indianapolis digital marketing team you’ll see that your PPC and CPC metrics change over time. For example, if a recent Google Ads campaign is successful, your PPC will decrease. In general, Google rewards advertisers with high quality scores by offering lower costs per click. As your website continues to gain organic and paid traffic, your return on investment will rely less on higher bids and more on a high quality score. 

Our Expert Knowledge; Your Business Needs

Local Blitz is an Indianapolis digital marketing company focused on bringing value to medium-sized and small businesses. We operate as a resource for companies that are not large enough to have an internal digital marketing but understand the importance of working with a marketing agency. We know that the first step to building a successful digital marketing campaign is to clarify your goals, then build processes that reflect your specific needs.

A Unique Digital Marketing Agency

Our business is built on the understanding that there is no standard “go to solution” to bringing in qualified leads or increasing sales. We work first to understand your unique business needs, then create a digital marketing campaign to drive measurable results.

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About Indy Blitz

Indy Blitz was founded by Nick Bennett who has over a decade of marketing experience and who is part of several member based associations dedicated to design. He also runs a separate digital marketing agency and consultancy with locations in San Diego and Indianapolis.