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Our Approach as a Social Media Marketing Agency



Social Media Marketing AgencyAs a social media marketing agency, we have worked on many different platforms to get clients the results they are looking for in this arena.  Social Media is an ever-changing landscape no different than most of the digital marketing world. Our philosophy to social media marketing is to not just post content, but rather ensure that we are working towards the actual goals that the client has on social media channels.  Every social media marketing need is different. Some clients want new business leads from social media, others want foot traffic to their store, and some simply want activity and branding on social media channels. No matter what the need, we have years of experience in this arena and our team is highly trained to get results on most major platforms.  


Deciding on a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing StrategyWith a growing number of channels for social media marketing and advertising, putting together and implementing a strategy can seem like a cumbersome task.  While some businesses already have a strategy in place and simply reach out to our agency for help with the implementation side of things, the vast majority of people we speak with don’t have a strategy and aren’t even sure where to begin.

So this begs the question, where do you start with social media marketing and advertising?  Well, the key to success lies in an age-old adage, “Don’t be the jack of all trades and the master of none”.  Too often we have spoken with clients that want a footprint on every single social media platform that exists.  If you have no strategy in place this is generally not a good idea. Each social media platform has different considerations, such as: which demographic hangs out there, what are the advertising costs on that social media platform, and what will organic reach look like. This is just the tip of the iceberg though.  Other things like image sizes, video length, and countless other variables can make it impossible to get started without some foresight.

As a general rule, we encourage our clients to start with one or two of the major platforms where their demographic hangs out and then scale out from there.  This will make your tracking success in social media marketing much easier and also allow you to master your chosen platforms before attempting to scale out to others.

Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Social Media Marketing on FacebookFacebook remains a social media powerhouse for certain demographics, but the landscape has consistently changed since the platform launched.  For many businesses, social media marketing on Facebook is a great place to start creating a footprint. In addition to social media marketing on the platform, the advertising arm of the platform, which also controls Instagram can be an extremely powerful tool to reach your business goals with social media.  However, that advertising arm takes some know-how, which is great news because our highly trained team have been advertising successfully on Facebook for years and we are happy to put that knowledge to work for our clients!

Social Media Marketing on Instagram

Social Media Marketing on InstagramInstagram, owned by Facebook, has become more and more popular in recent years and that popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing.  Social Media Marketing on Instagram has some unique challenges when compared to other platforms. The messaging on this platform needs to be different than on other platforms like Facebook, to be a success.  Additionally, advertising on Instagram, which is part of Facebook’s ad platform, takes professional knowledge in order to move the needle. Our team is highly trained in Instagram advertising and will be happy to put that knowledge to work for your unique social media marketing and advertising need!

Social Media Marketing on Twitter

Social Media Marketing on TwitterTwitter can be a great platform for social media marketing, but as with all the others, it comes with its own unique challenges #postlength #hashtag.  This platform can be a great way to engage with your audience and in certain circumstances even be used as a customer service arm of the business, but social media marketing on Twitter takes a solid plan and our team is trained to put that plan together for you and then put it into action.

Social Media Marketing on LinkedIN

Social Media Marketing on LinkedINSocial Media Marketing on LinkedIN is an entirely different approach to many of the other day to day platforms.  As a B2B social media marketing channel, we at Local Blitz use this for lead generation for our own agency and it can be highly effective when a proper plan is in place.  Advertising on LinkedIN also requires a different approach than some of the other social media channels, but not to worry our team is trained up and ready to help with your LinkedIN social media marketing and LinkedIN advertising needs!

ROI and Transparency with Social Media Marketing and Social Media Advertising

As a digital marketing agency, it is always our sole focus to get results for our clients while remaining transparent.   Social Media Marketing and Advertising require a lot of behind the scenes work and a lot of trust between the social media marketing agency and the client.  We understand that we are representing your business online and we treat every business as if it were our own. This is exactly how we have built a business over the years, through transparency and trust.  If you need help with social media marketing or social media advertising we are here to help and happy to discuss whether your need and our services are a good fit.