The 3 Ways To Build Your Business

The 3 ways are as follow:

1) Get more customers

Most business spend most or all of there time on this activity. There are many ways to acquire new customers, we know of at least 34 different ways but most we use only 3 or 4 depending on the business we work with.

2) Upsell to your existing customers

When you close a sale how often do you sell them something in addition?

McDonalds does this really well “Do You Want Fries with that!”, this boosts there profit from 0.18 per sale to 1.32 per sale.

How about cross selling something, people who buy your product or service might also need a complementary service or product.

Or how about bundling services/products together. The cable company does this with Phone,Cable and Internet.

3) Increase the frequency with which your customers buy from you

Keep in constant contact with your customers and clients via email,txt messaging,newsletters,Phone call,Social Media and paid retargetting.

Introduce a loyalty programs and award discounts and prizes to frequent buyers. Also offer incentivized referrals programs

Put your customers on monthly auto pay