Types of Search Based Marketing and Advertising

Search-based marketing, or Search Marketing allows businesses to optimize their website to reach more potential clients online. When clients look for a term online, search based marketing and advertising makes your website more likely to appear on Google search engine results and Google Maps. At Local Blitz we use a variety of search based marketing and advertising tools to support your key performance objectives. Mechanisms like Google My Business, Google Ads, Google Maps, and keyword analytics can all be leveraged to drive more sales based on your current and future sales objectives. Search based marketing and advertising can be leveraged for a variety of goals, including:
  • Finding local customers looking for services in your area 
  • Reaching new customers who are actively looking for your product or service
  • Generating brand awareness for your business 
  • Promoting a seasonal offer or new business
  • Driving traffic from clients around the globe
  • Providing easy-to-access information on your hours, location, menu or services

The Value of Google Organic Search and SEO Marketing

Organic search is a term that describes the amount of unpaid listings that your website receives when a user searches for a key term. Organic search rankings exclude paid results like advertisements or keyword ads. Google’s organic search algorithms rank results by quality, relevance, and performance over time and track performance across several different browsers. A search based marketing company can help you set up a Google Analytics account, review your organic search performance, and develop targeting campaigns to increase your site’s visibility online. There are several benefits to building your organic search rankings:

Cost: The pay-per-click ads method is effective but costly over time. This is where organic search traffic methods present a cost advantage. By utilizing appropriate SEO principles, the organic search traffic will drop the cost-per-click to zero. This method will give your company a competitive edge over other businesses that are using the pay-per-click method.

Credibility: A major reason to utilize organic site traffic is to establish your company’s credibility. Companies that solely use PPC tactic often have a presence that is behind the market, and lack credibility. Through utilizing organic traffic, online marketing and web design departments work to solidify the reputation of your company’s online presence.

Competition: Another aspect of beefing up your organic search traffic, is that while it increases your online presence, it also effectively decreases your competitor’s online traffic. The more aggressively you increase organic site traffic, the higher your company will show up in search rankings. Naturally, this action pushes your competitors’ presence lower in the search rankings.

Combined Approach: Different roads lead to the same destination. Although organic search traffic is a strong tactic for pulling visitors to your site, many internet users visit websites through pay-per-click ads as well. This is why a balanced online strategy, utilizing both paid advertising and organic search traffic, is an important method for bringing site traffic to your business.

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Google My Business – Local SEO

Google My Business is an online tool you can use to support your visibility to customers searching online. As a Search based marketing tool, Google My Business allows you to post information about your hours, location, services, and client reviews. Google My Business is free, effective, and easy to maintain with the right marketing strategies. At Local Blitz we help clients set up and maintain high quality Google My Business pages that provide helpful and accurate information to their customers.

  • Make it easy for local customers to find and use your services 
  • Reach both local and global users who are looking for your business
  • Easily provide accurate information about your hours, locations, and offerings 
  • Track user engagement with your listing and learn more about your customers


Google My Business Search Engine Analytics

Your Google My Business profile tracks analytics on how your customers are connecting to your business. You can track users who click on your website, view a menu, call your business, or make bookings online.

  • Track how many customers have called through your business listing
  • Get stats on how users utilize the information on your listing or visit your website
  • Analysis what information customers need and when


Google Ads – Types of Google Search Advertising

Google Ads help you direct traffic to your website by leveraging popular search terms, relevant content, geographical metrics, and other complex factors. Our team can help you create effective Google Ads that connect with potential customers and share insights on your audiences’ behavior. You can choose from a variety of formats depending on your objectives: text, video, and responsive display formats all have different benefits. The Google Ads platform is based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model where advertisers bid on keywords and are selected based on the quality, relevance, and bid amount. PPC, or “pay-per-click” describes a marketing model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked on. This means that you will only pay for an ad if it is actively being shown to potential clients. A pay per click bid can be anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the keyword and other factors. In order to create a successful PPC campaign, it’s important to select the right keywords, create relevant ads, and host optimized landing pages that help complete the goal. Your ad will only be shown if it has a high quality score and appropriate bid. There is a complex, evolving algorithm that ranks ads based on their relevance, quality, and popularity.

Google Ad Types

Advertisers can create various different ad formats by using the Google Ad platform. Your campaign’s objectives will dictate which format is most appropriate. A display ad, for instance, might be an excellent method for reaching customers while they browse online.

If you are trying to reach customers in a specific geographic area you can design an ad that targets that region. An experienced marketing company that utilizes Google Ads will help you select the highest performing ads that are available.

  • Google Search Ads: Google Search Ads use specific geographic parameters and keyword search to target the customer.

Google Display Ads: Display ads reach out to customers while they look at favorite sites such as YouTube or Google Mail.


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