Web Design- Cheap Hosting Can Cost you

As an SEO agency, we dabble quite a bit in web design and hosting troubleshooting and let me be the first to tell you that all hosting packages are not created equally.  If you are looking to market the website that you have invested in, cheaping out on hosting is going to set you back significantly.

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So why is this the case?

  1. The dreaded slow load time. Many people don’t pay much attention to this but they should! It’s hard enough to get qualified web traffic to your site in the first place. If your website loads slowly the likelihood of that traffic converting goes way down.  Imagine driving to a store and the door was locked with a note that said someone will be back in 10 mins. Sure some people will wait, but many won’t and this is the equivalent of slow load times. To check your load time we recommend www.gtmetrix.com; it is a great FREE resource to let you know if you are loading too slowly.
  2. Security is another big one, especially if you are collecting customer information.  If you are on a cheap shared hosting plan and collecting credit card information you are really opening yourself up to all kinds of problems. It can be argued that the shared hosting environment is much more vulnerable and especially with the big guys. COUGH COUGH: Go Daddy.
  3. The customer service is often lacking to a point of humor at most large hosting companies. The way they get the hosting pricing down to a fraction of what good hosting costs is volume. They have countless websites crammed onto one server and then they repeat this over and over again. This is not a formula for good customer service. Who knows what the ratio to website customers to employees at the company may be, but I assure you it is a number that doesn’t allow for top-notch customer service. 

We could write a VERY long article on why cheap hosting is a bad idea, but these three points will show you some of the top reasons to not cheap out on hosting. If you are not sure about what hosting plan is right for you, ask the person that built your website. If they tell you to use the cheap hosting, run. Do your research and it will be time well spent. After all, you invested all that time and probably money into building the website, why not give it a great place to live?!