How Reviews Help Google Business Profile Rankings

leo reportingIt’s no big secret that reviews are super important when it comes to online working these days. However many people don’t understand that there are several different considerations when it comes to reviews and how to properly use them to best enhance your online presence. Yes of course getting lots of reviews and particularly five star reviews on platforms like Google and yelp it’s going to help convert your web visibility into actual leads or sales. In this article I want to talk about a different way to use reviews to help optimize your Google business profile.

How do reviews help optimize a Google Business profile?

In the simplest of terms with search base marketing and advertising we’re trying to do two things we’re trying to tell Google what you do and where you do it if you’re a service base business. With this in mind there are lots of different ways to accomplish this one of which is by effectively utilizing reviews. For lack of a better term there are several different sections on a Google business profile that can be filled out, optimized, and reworked from time to time. Reviews however one of the few things that generally remain stagnant and a Google business profile. Obviously if you have a good review presence on Google this is a good thing. Now this basic question what do reviews have to do with actually getting more search Disability?

When someone writes a review about your business often times they reference some sort of service or product that you provided and sometimes they also reference where they live or where your business is located and other items as well. Now that this review is here these items live on your Google business profile arguably forever. The reason that this is important is because now they are instances on your Google business profile that reference the service or product that you provide and the geography and which you provide it for the long-haul. More instances of this type of thing you can get on the Google business profile the better optimize the profile will be for the long term and intern the more search Vizza Bility your game and assuming that your review presence is good generally the more leads in sales that you might Garner via Google business profile. So now the question is how do you control that?

What can I do do use reviews to help optimize my Google business profile?

Ask for them! I Local Blitz we often talk about reputation management for clients and how important it is. It’s a well-known fact in the marketing world that if you ask for reviews consistently and affectively you’re going to have a more positive review presence. When asking for reviews you may also ask if the client or customer can reference the service that you provided. Assuming they are willing to comply now you have an instance of that service again on your Google business profile to help for their optimize.
Respond to them! Regardless of your feelings on customer service or what the person wrote on the review I encourage people to respond to every single review that is written. This isn’t a conversation about reputation management and say that for another article, but responding to the reviews can also help further optimize the profile. In the same way that a client might reference the service and geography in which the service took place. You can now do a similar thing in your response. The more instances that seem to naturally occur on the Google profile of geography and service or product mentions the better optimize the profile will be for the long term.


There are tons of different things you can do a Google business profiles to help further optimize them. Additionally reputation management and review monitoring could arguably be a field all is own and in some cases is. The information here is simply just meant to help further optimize your Google business profile. Regardless of what you may or may not choose to do keeping the profile as active as possible and working on implementing related and effective keyword and geography mentions is only going to help further your search reach. I hope it helps!