Multi Touch Point Marketing – What works in 2017


Does this image look confusing? To the untrained marketer, it is probably just a bunch of images and arrows in jumbled circle. This chart however, is one of the most important strategies to an effective digital marketing campaign that is currently available. In this article, Local Blitz will breakdown this chart and go into detail on each aspect of multi-touch point marketing. We will explain why these multi-point marketing strategies is crucial to growing your business’ presence online.

Where to Start?

The first part to creating an effective multi-point marketing campaign is identifying what the issues facing your business are.

1. Identify you Avatars (recommend at least 4 to start)

A customer avatar is simply a detailed profile of your target customer. Once you’ve got one you can use it to do things like: Market to and own a niche where you become “the one to go to” Hone your marketing message so it appeals to a specific someone as opposed to a generic everyone.

2. What problem are you solving for your avatar?

After you identify your custom avatars. You are going to want to go a little deeper and think about how your product or service will benefit your target audience. You can also use the comments from Facebook and other social media platforms to narrow down what your customers’ needs are and the pains of your audience.

3. Why would your avatar choose you vs someone else?

Think about how your product or service is better than the competition. Are you a unique brand? A cheaper alternative? Maybe you are the same as the competitor, you should still come up with a strategy to separate your product or service from the other guys.

Where to Start 2.0

1. Identify as many possible places your avatar “hangs out” online.

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Those are the big 3 in the social media world. These are also the places your avatars are most likely to “hangout” online. Other places like website blogs, reddit, and youtube are also the best places to research what your avatar’s needs and interests are.

2. What are other people doing?  Most notably your successful competitors?

It is always good to the learn and observe those around you. You have to be even alert in the fast paced marketing world. Take note of trends and influences you see online and other viral content. Research how your competition is going about getting their product or service noticed and learn from that or find ways to improve on what they are already doing.

What’s the Offer?

  1. Identify your offer.  How will you attract someone to engage with your product of brand?  If at all possible test different offers.
    1. Free Trial?
    2. Free Consultation?
    3. Fear of Loss?
    4. Etc etc etc.

An offer is more than the product itself. It includes elements that represent additional value to your customers, such as availability, convenient delivery, technical support or quality of service. So be sure that your offer covers these areas as well to maximize audience reach.



Where to Advertise the Offer?

All these images above are great outlets for how to get your offer to cold traffic sources. What’s a cold traffic source you ask? Cold traffic is anyone who visits your site and has no idea who you are or very little idea what it is you have to offer. This is why the offer is so important to get across the importance of your product or service right away in the offer. Any effective marketing campaign will make use of all online advertising outlets like facebook ads, cold email automations, and video marketing through Vimeo and Youtube.


Find a Strategy to Recapture Lost Traffic

Losing some traffic from your offer? No worries! That’s why you always have a backup plan in marketing. By creating re-targeting ads and sending out email auto responders, businesses can re-capture a lot of that traffic that may miss the offer ads. By having a online presence and reminding customers of your presence in more than one outlet is very crucial to gaining more traffic and re-capturing lost traffic.


ID important metrics – BEFORE STARTING!

  1. What are advertising budgets?
  2. What are you willing to spend to acquire a new client?
  3. What will you consider a successful “conversion”?
  4. How will you dictate whether your current offer is working?
  5. What pieces of analytics will be most important to move you toward your goals?

We put this important list at the end of this article because we really want businesses to think about the most crucial parts of any advertising campaign. If you have all these under control, creating the rest of an effective advertising campaign will be a breeze! For any other tips and to help your business grow online choose Local Blitz Marketing for all your online marketing and SEO needs!

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