What Exactly is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a tool that improves the visibility of your website within a geographic area. When clients search for a term in a specific city, state, or region, your website is more likely to appear if you have strong local SEO. Popular tools like Google My Business, Google Ads, Google Maps, and keyword research can improve your site’s local SEO properties. You can utilize local SEO to support specific business initiatives, such as:

  • Find local customers that need your product or service
  • Reach potential customers who are actively looking for your service
  • Drive brand awareness around your business
  • Promote a new franchise or location
  • Direct traffic from clients that are new to the area or visiting from out of town
  • Provide information about your location, hours of service, and offerings

An SEO consulting team can help you develop on-page and off-page content that increases the number of visitors your site has each week. Read more about comprehensive SEO services to get started.

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Local vs Organic SEO

Organic SEO is focused on increasing internet traffic irrespective of a client’s geographic location while local SEO is designed to promote traffic that’s based on a specific region, city, or area. Companies that are focused on a national or international market, may utilize organic SEO to increase sales or brand awareness. For example, e-commerce clients who are looking to ship products across the United States would benefit from focusing on organic SEO efforts. However, a local plumbing company with services in a specific town or region will gain the most from working on local SEO strategy. In summary:

  • Local SEO = website optimization that’s targeted towards specific geographic regions

Organic SEO = website optimization that’s designed to reach users based on content rather than geographic region.

On-Page Optimization

On-page or “on-site” SEO refers to the way your website content supports your SEO strategy. Web content including text, image titles, title tags, internal links, and URL text all contribute to strong on-page SEO. You can increase the efficiency of your on-page SEO by updating your website content to reflect your keyword strategy. Blogs, strategic titles, and

carefully worded web-page content are also important components to keep in mind. On-page SEO also relies on word-count and content quality to drive high quality traffic.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page SEO strategy includes techniques that improve how your website ranks using factors that are outside of the website itself. Off-page SEO techniques may include link building, blog directories, forum signatures, and other creative tools. While off-page optimization is time consuming and complex, it can greatly enrich your overall SEO strategy. An SEO consultant can help you choose the best off-page SEO tools to support your business goals, including:

    • Social Media Content: Attracting traffic through social media is one of the most popular ways to support your off-page SEO. Keep in mind that every social media platform has rules and restrictions on post content and related links.
  • Guest Blogs: Having your website featured on a popular blog is another great way to build off-page SEO.
  • Link Building: References to your website are commonly referred to as “backlinks”. Having historically strong backlinks can support great off-page SEO dynamics.
  • Forum Signatures or Comment Links: You can link your website to comments & signatures on popular forums.
  • Article Directories: Article directories often include links that can be used to support your off-page SEO.
  • Shared Content Directories: Some websites allow you to publish your content and add links to your website.

Link Exchange Schemes: Webmasters may share links and agree to post them on each others’ sites.

Link Building Techniques

Link building, or “backlinking” refers to a process of hyperlinking your website within the text of another page or website. When the hyperlinked text is clicked, it drives traffic to your website. Over time, the link gains authority and increases the relevance of your website to potential viewers.

Organic Analysis

Organic analysis shows how well a website has been optimized to drive local or organic traffic. This analysis can be used to assess and update your website to improve its performance. At Local Blitz we utilize a suite of SEO analysis tools that are designed to evaluate your website’s content, focus keywords, URL titles, title tags, and historical performance. Note that different pages on your website can be optimized towards different keywords. Consequently the extent of analysis required varies based on the size and focus of your website. During our organic analysis, we will evaluate multiple factors, including:

  • How well your content reflects your keywords 
  • Current website ranking for specific keywords or phrases 
  • Website ranking statistics by page
  • Optimization of current SEO budget
  • Metadata components, URLs, and title tag utilization 
  • Accuracy of keyword use

Following an organic analysis, an SEO consultant can recommend changes to your web content in support of stronger local SEO.

Google My Business

Many of our clients utilize a tool called “Google My Business” to support their local SEO. A Google My Business account is free, effective, and can become a central element within your local SEO strategy. Your Google My Business page helps customers learn more about your services, hours, location, and client reviews. An SEO consultant can manage your Google My Business page to ensure that the information is accurate and appealing to potential customers.

SEO Consulting

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to building an effective SEO strategy. Comprehensive SEO consulting encompasses a range of activities customized to meet your business goals. During an initial meeting with your SEO consulting team you’ll establish a list of potential objectives. Some clients are focused on building brand identity, while others are looking to increase in online orders. Your SEO consulting team will put together a list of key performance indicators, which may include:

  • Current quantity of online web traffic on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis 
  • Performance of different pages within your website 
  • Number of leads generated through keyword optimization 
  • Number and quality of converted customer enquiries 

After establishing your key performance metrics, your SEO consulting team will compose a multi-step project plan to support your goals. From organic analysis to social media marketing, your combined SEO strategy may include various initiatives to drive results. SEO consulting uses periodic reviews and reporting to ensure that strategies are effective and prompt informed changes along the way.

About Our SEO Consulting Team

Local Blitz is an SEO consulting firm based in Indiana and San Diego. We work with a range of clients across the United States to drive local and organic SEO results. Our process includes an in-depth consultation process to ensure that our efforts align with your business objectives. We deliver clear and transparent reporting throughout the process. Get in touch today to set up a free consultation with our team.

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