108 Reason to Write a Press Release

  1. New business announcement
  2. Just purchased an existing business
  3. Just sold a business
  4. Just merged businesses
  5. New service offering
  6. New product line
  7. New website
  8. Re-launch of an existing website
  9. Offering a discount on a product or service
  10. Events in news that tie into your product or service
  11. Discontinuing a product or service
  12. New research that ties into your product or service
  13. Something that makes your product or service unique to your industry or customer
  14. Price increase or decrease
  15. Announcing involvement in charitable event or activity
  16. Announcing an internship program
  17. Sponsoring a local sports team or athlete
  18. Sponsoring a local event
  19. Pro bono work done for a newsworthy client
  20. Releasing findings of a new study or research
  21. Offbeat or humorous news (e.g. “Kung Fu Squirrels Go Nuts in Africa”)
  22. Change in business terms (e.g. shipping policy/rates, new website terms)
  23. Business tips
  24. Top Ten List (e.g. top ten juicing recipes)
  25. Inspiration stories tied into you or your business
  26. Humorous stories tied into you or your business
  27. Commentary on new trends or technology that may relate to your business
  28. Predicting new trends or technology that may relate to your business
  29. Receiving an award
  30. Giving an award
  31. Commentary tie in on someone receiving and award (e.g. Jack Nicholson receiving an Academy Award)
  32. A major accomplishment for you or your business
  33. Published a new eBook
  34. Published a new book
  35. Published a new newsletter
  36. Company anniversary
  37. Website anniversary
  38. Partnership anniversary
  39. Business relocation
  40. Business adding a new location
  41. New company name/announcement
  42. Responding to being named in a lawsuit
  43. Filing a lawsuit
  44. Announcing the acquisition of a new large client
  45. Announcing an appearance in the news
  46. Announcing an appearance on the radio
  47. Announcing an appearance on a podcast
  48. Appearance in print media
  49. Webcast appearance
  50. Announcing a television appearance
  51. Hosting or appearing on a webinar
  52. Hosting or appearing on a teleseminar
  53. Announcing a media appearance of any kind
  54. Public appearance
  55. Speaking engagement
  56. Attending a conference
  57. Keynote speaker
  58. Sponsoring a workshop
  59. Sponsoring a fundraiser
  60. Sponsoring a seminar
  61. Hosting a contest
  62. Funding a scholarship
  63. Contributing to a scholarship
  64. Partnership agreement with another business or organization
  65. Hiring of a new executive
  66. Announcing a promotion in the company
  67. Retirement of an employee or executive
  68. Death in the company
  69. Employee resignation
  70. Change in the way a product is manufactured
  71. A new technology or process within the company
  72. New company image
  73. Change in current branding
  74. New brand
  75. New company logo
  76. Restructuring a company
  77. Exposing industry scams
  78. Holiday related sale
  79. Holiday related event
  80. Making industry prediction countering or supporting industry experts
  81. Providing a quote or a sound bite relating to news relevant to your industry
  82. New use/application for your product
  83. Celebrity or public figure using your product
  84. Celebrity or public figure endorsing your product
  85. Hosting a tour of your facility
  86. Staff member receiving a new credential or certification
  87. Offering free product sample
  88. Offering free consultations
  89. Response to accusation against your industry or your company
  90. Setting a major goal
  91. Accomplishing a major goal
  92. Launching a rewards program
  93. Announcing a new referral program
  94. Schedule of upcoming speaking engagements
  95. Hosting a conference
  96. Announcing efforts to make your company more “green”
  97. Disproving common myths in your industry
  98. Taking your company public
  99. Taking public company back to a private company
  100. Transferring ownership of public company
  101. Reorganization of a public company
  102. Initial public offering and timeline to go public
  103. Filing a patent
  104. Being awarded a patent
  105. Commemorating an important milestone
  106. Exhibiting at a trade show
  107. Announcing a stock offering
  108. Tips sheet (e.g. handy tips for growing tomatoes, five easy steps to save for retirement)