What is UX Design?

What is UX Design?

User Experience Design, or UX design, relates to analyzing and enhancing the consumer experience. More specifically, UX design focuses on the interactions among users of a given product or service, especially those online — like websites and mobile apps. Think about the last time you went to a website, used an app, or even surfed for the next bingeable show on your TV. Was the platform easy to navigate? Was it visually appealing? Did you enjoy using the app or the website, or did it make you frustrated?

UX design focuses on these questions and elements, which work together to create an “interaction design,” or in other words: the intersection of visual design and functionality to improve the overall user experience.

UX Design Projects

UX designers work on a wide variety of projects, from user research and usability testing to creating site maps and information architecture to evaluating branding. The best UX designers are able to balance the creation of visually engaging web and graphic design along with user centered design.

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Typically, a strong UX design portfolio will include the following:

  1. Landing page with built-in lead generation

  2. Multi-page digital publication (e.g. content site)

  3. E-commerce website

  4. Mobile app

  5. Web app

The Difference Between UX and UI Design

So, what about UI design? Is that the same thing? While User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface (UI) are related, they’re not exactly the same.

UX designers | “The Problem Solver.”

Manage the entire user journey as they interact with a product/service. A UX designer may create sitemaps and user stories that describe how users interact with certain design elements.

A effective UX designer likes to solve problems and get into the nitty gritty of how a user interacts with a product. They are driven by strategies and principles to create seamless user experiences and are always looking for tools and ways to improve

UI designers | “The Artist”

Are responsible for construction of that product or service’s interface. This is considered part of the UX design process. A user interface designer is focused on the visual design and the interactivity of products like color layout animations buttons and typography.

A UI designer’s work is comprised of ways to make things the most visually appealing and to improve physical interaction. Typically, UI design focuses on the way a product or application looks and feels.

In a nutshell: UX design is the “big picture idea” that encompasses the entire user experience, whereas UI is a part of UX design.

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What is the UX Design Process Like?

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The “design thinking” process, as defined by the Stanford School of Design includes 5 key steps:

    1. Empathizing. The empathizing step helps understand your target group. Users conduct UX research in the form of surveys and other techniques to gather information from customer perspectives.

    2. Defining. A user’s user experience designer then analyzes this information and decides the desired goals to craft a meaningful and actionable problem statement.

    3. Ideating. Here, UX designers concentrate on idea generation to transition from identifying problems to creating solutions for users..

    4. Prototype testing. In the prototype phase, UX designers create rough user flows to begin testing how a UX design may work.

      No matter the project, UX designers want the user interface design to be fun, intuitive and simple for anyone who’s interacting with their design. When it comes to evaluating the user experience, designers will ask the following questions to determine the strength of their designs:

      • Does this design give me value?

      • Does this design work?

      • Is the design easy to use?

      • Do I like using this product or design?

What skills are required for a UX/UI designer?

Critical UX design skills that a successful UX and UI designer must have:

  1. Strong problem-solving skills

  2. The ability to create prototypes, wire frames, and user flows

  3. Strong visual design and software design knowledge (e.g. Figma, sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator)

  4. Knowledge about how to conduct user research and user testing

  5. An understanding of principles/best practices of information architecture

  6. Knowledge of application development

  7. Strong collaboration and communication skills

  8. Good time management skills

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