WordPress Web Design vs other CMS platforms

Wordpress Web Design vs other CMSWordPress began as a simple place to blog but has grown to a real web powerhouse over the years.  To date over 25% of all websites on the web are running on the WordPress CMS (content management system).  Needless to say that WordPress Web Design is one of the most in-demand web design skillsets in the world, but why WordPress?

WordPress for SEO

As a digital marketing agency, we are consistently asked about which CMS is best for SEO purposes and our answer is always the same, WordPress.  For a variety of reasons, WordPress is arguably the most user-friendly CMS for getting real SEO results. From a plethora of plugins to the ease of adding and optimizing content, it has remained our top choice of CMS for SEO.

Additionally, the ability to have a fast website with truly SEO themes is a major plus from an SEO perspective.  All this to say, WordPress is an obvious first choice, but beat in mind SEO is possible on some of the other CMS options out there.  If you are already tied into another CMS outside of WordPress, don’t fret you can still get great results. We have gotten great results for clients working in Magento, Shopify, Joomla, and even Wix, but if we get a choice we will always put WordPress at the top of the list.

WordPress Load Times

Many of the themes that are used on WordPress are tried and tested to ensure fast page load speeds.  While there are many different reasons that a website may be slow, if you are using a clunky or out of date theme, you are dead in the water.  Bad page load speeds can have a trickle-down effect on your website performance. The speed at which your website loads can affect everything from conversions to SEO and is super important if you are focused on marketing the website that you have created.  Again, WordPress is the winner in load times….most of the time.

WordPress SEO plugins

As previously mentioned WordPress also has a TON of super powerful SEO plugins and the number of available options is growing fast.  One of the best-known SEO plugins for WordPress is Yoast.  If you have ever dabbled in SEO, you are probably familiar with this one.  Some other options exist as well, that in our opinion may be even better than Yoast.  All-In-One SEO, SEO Pressor, and Project Supremacy are all plugins we use daily as a digital marketing agency and arguably are even more powerful than Yoast.  

Wrapping it Up

In reality, there are a variety of opinions about which CMS is best, but as an online marketing agency, we are true believers in WordPress.  From page load speeds to fancy plugins, it is our go-to choice as an agency and if you were presented with the option of different CMS platforms it would 100% be the one that we would recommend if you asked.  Hope it helps!