Why Use Press Releases in Your Marketing Efforts?

There are many reasons to use Press Release but one of the big benefits is that it helps with SEO.

Google has recently announced it has reversed its decision on the value of Press Releases.

Recently, Reuters discovered that Google quietly changed its algorithm to increase the prevalence of press releases in Google News search results, which presents a tremendous opportunity for organizations to more widely raise awareness for their news.

Less than a year ago, Google’s Panda 4.0 update devalued press releases as an SEO tactic, in response to far too many companies distributing press releases with zero news value to boost search rankings. As a consequence of rooting out spammy content, legitimate announcements were unfairly penalized, and the traffic to most of the major wire services, such as Business Wire, PR Newswire, etc., dropped almost overnight.

However, despite numerous bad apples trying to game their site’s SEO, businesses have continued to utilize press releases for their original purpose, to publicly share important information that their target audiences, stakeholders and industry influencers will care about.

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