Email Marketing Campaign Basics

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E-mail Marketing Campaign Basics


Where to start with Email Marketing.


While this could be a book rather than just an article, you must have a starting point for any type of marketing campaign, right?  So with email marketing, the starting point should be simply identifying who you are trying to get in front of and why.  Is it just a simple monthly newsletter for top of mind awareness or are you trying to get in front of a brand new prospect?


Types of Email Marketing Campaigns


  1. Optin Email Marketing – this is generally the most used type of email marketing that most people are familiar with.  You build an option list and send them value-added content to keep you on their mind.  There are a ton of different approaches here and the most likely source of failure here is not emailing enough.  If you are just sending out monthly newsletters, this is much less likely to be an effective marketing tool.  While the monthly touch may keep the top of mind awareness alive, it won’t do nearly as much to grow your business.  Think about how much the big players email you.  Cough:  Amazon.  This is for a very good reason, because these opt-in email lists have the highest ROI of any other type of online marketing, but it must be done right to get results.
  2. Lead Nurture Email Marketing – AKA “Cold Email Marketing” – This is the one that many are really scared of, but if you are B2B, this is arguably the most effective lead generation tool there is.  Essentially, lead nurture email marketing is cold calling email.  In the old school cold calling, you were picking up the phone and trying to set appointments or sell something to a cold prospect.  In a perfect world, you may be able to make 25 calls an hour.  As a matter of fact, in a previous life, I myself set in a boiler room trying to set appointments and was required to make 250 calls a week to set in-person appointments.  All this being said, lead nurture email marketing is a way to skip the traditional cold calling and get in front of a lot more people.  The key is making sure that you are compliant with SPAM-CAN laws and ensuring that your offer and messaging is on point.  If you operate in the B2B space and are not doing this, you are losing out, I can be 100% confident in saying that.

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Considerations for Email Marketing Campaigns

Now that you have identified what type of email marketing campaign you are going to run, there are many different considerations to make it a successful campaign.  Some apply to just the option email marketing campaigns and some apply to only the lead nurture campaigns, but most concepts apply to both.

  1. Write Effective Copy – No one wants to read a boring article or book, right?  Same applies here!  I would wager to guess that you are excited about what you do, so make sure that gets across in your email marketing efforts.  Have a new employee or service?  Let your audience know!  Have a new lens to offer on an old problem, let them know!  Chose your voice and write effective headlines and keep the content interesting.  Again there are entire books about this when it comes to email marketing campaigns, but you get the picture. And if you do need more help you can check out some copywriting tips here.
  2. Segment Your List – Even if you have a list that is small, segment that list!  While it is not always a perfect science, if you segment your list into what types of content they may or may not be interested in, your open rates an engagement will skyrocket.  Get your valuable content into the hands of those that want to consume it!
  3. Use Automation – Yes, automation can be tricky, but it is becoming more important.  Not only can automation save a lot of time, but it can also make your email marketing campaign much more powerful.  Did you know you can set up a simple automation that will send your email with a different headline if the user didn’t open it?  This is one simple trick to get more eyes on your email marketing efforts.  Automation can be as complex or simple as you would like, but use the KISS method to start and build out from there.  If your open rates are low work on that first.  If your CTR (click through rate) is low, work on that first, then build it out from there. The ease of your automation is related to which platform you choose to use.
  4. Focus on Deliverability – This one is REALLY important when it comes to lead nurture email marketing.  Did you know that you might send an email and it shows send, then they never got it?  Yep, it happens every day!  There are a ton of factors when it comes to deliverability, so make sure that your campaigns are actually getting there.  If you are not sure about this one THIS ARTICLE is a good one to read.

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Email Marketing Campaign Basics, What Now?


Just as with anything else, an email marketing campaign can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be.  The important thing is to start doing it if you haven’t yet.  Many people that are savvy online marketers understand that a good email list is probably the most valuable digital asset that they have.  The ROI on email marketing can be massive, so get started and then scale up from there using some of the tips from above.  Happy emailing!