Why WordPress vs other CMS options

Why WordPress vs other CMS options
Web Designers and SEO’s are often at odds with a lot of different things. SEO Experts often want to add tons of content and get rid of those nice high res web images, whereas Web Designers want to keep the website slick and clean.  Both are valid arguments, which is why generally these two areas of focus are different skillsets all together. As much as these two modalities may disagree, they almost always agree on one thing and that is WordPress being the best thing since sliced bread when compared to other CMS options out there. 

What is a CMS?

A CMS, otherwise known as a Content Management System, is simply a software application that you use to manage digital content. Simply put, it’s what you’re using to build your website and add content.


So Why WordPress?

There is an ever-growing number of options out there for building a website.  Square Space, Wix, Joomla, and the list goes on. A quick google search shows that it is estimated that 34% of all websites are now WordPress. So this begs the question, why do most web pros think WordPress is the best and why is it so popular? 


We could go on for quite a while about this, but let’s dive into a few of the reasons why we as an agency feel this way.

    1. User Friendliness

Sure some of these other website builders have great drag and drop interfaces, but so does WordPress. You can choose from countless different themes to get exactly the look that you want, whereas many of the other platforms can be rather restrictive. While the learning curve on WordPress may be slightly steeper, the long term user-friendliness will be much higher.

    1. Plugins Galore

If you don’t know what plugins are and you are planning to start getting your feet wet in WordPress, you will learn soon enough. Plugins are essentially like apps for your website, and WordPress has a TON of them floating around that will make life so much easier for you. These plugins are developed by third parties. Since WordPress takes up so much market share, it’s no surprise that there are arguably many more available for WordPress than similar options on any other CMS.

    1. Secure

We hear about hacks all the time, right? Well, WordPress has both native security features that make it great and tons of add-ons that will make your site as secure as Ft. Knox.

    1. SEO Friendly

This could be a whole article by itself, but WordPress is hands down the most SEO friendly CMS out there. There are a variety of reasons for this, including things like the construction of a WordPress site being clean with no URL anomalies. As an SEO agency, just trust us that this is the best option out there. 🙂

    1. Finding Help

So you had a web design agency build you a website. While I am sure there is some sort of maintenance package available through them, they won’t do it all. If you want to drive traffic to the website, sell things through the website, or change specific things, you will likely need help. Guess what? Since WordPress makes up 34% of the web, your pool of talent to help with different aspects of the website is much larger. You won’t be stressed to find a specialist when just about everyone in the digital world has experience with WordPress.

Wrapping it up

Long story short, WordPress is the way to go. There may be some exceptions to this, but if you are building a site to sell things, get leads, or get traffic to content, make WordPress your new best friend. You won’t regret it!