Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Google has been mentioning this for a long time; your web site should be “Mobile Friendly”. Well on April 21, 2015 if they are not, they will most likely take a hit in ranking. Mobile Friendly Websites  W have received several Alert from Google Webmaster Tools “Fix mobile usability issues found on Check your Google Webmaster Tools for Alerts about your site, if your site is not in Google Webmaster Tools it might be time to add it. Get The Mobile Friendly Website Checklist

Check Webmaster Tools and Check Your Email for Alerts!

Google Webmaster Alert
They are doing this because Mobile Usage Grows every year. See the infographic below from SlickText.

Mobile Usage 1 Mobile Usage 2

How Can I Test if My Site is Mobile Friendly? Go To Check the Results for Your Site!

NSC - Mobile Friendly Test

What Can I Do if I fail this Test?

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