The Top 5 Reasons to Use Re-Targeting in Your Business

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Re-Targeting also known as re marketing (Google’s Terminology) is a process that involves dropping a cookie or pixel on a website visitors browser when they visit your website. While this process can differ slightly between Facebook and Google, the same premise holds true. Once the visitor is cookied you can place display/banner ads in front of that visitor via social media sites and websites that support display advertising re-targeting.


5 Reasons to Use Re-Targeting

  1. People need multiple touch points before the buy from you. Many studies suggest you may need to contact a prospect 7 or more time before they decide the want to do businesses with you.
  2. Re-Targeting get better CTR (Click Through Rate) and conversion as you are targeting people that have been to your website.
  3. With proper use of re-targeting you can focus advertising efforts on specific products or services.
  4. Model re-targeting technology allows you to exclude certain people from your ads. e.g. You might want to exclude people that have already bought from you and out a discount coupon ad in front of people that have not.
  5. Re-Targeting is less expensive than standard Pay Per Click Advertising.


Why Do I need to Re-Target?

Website Conversion


Most websites conversion rates are in the 2-10% range, ie 98 out 100 people leave with every doing anything. With re-targeting you get to put your message in front of them multiple times. With proper retargeting through Facebook Ads you can significantly improve conversion rates. Research has shown that you need to put your message in front of people 7 to 11 times before they decide to buy.



Primary Advantages of Retargeting

1. Brand Recognition — Users who recognize your brand will now see your advertisements displayed across thousands of websites, creating the impression of a large-scale advertising campaign, but for a fraction of the budget.

2. Cost Effectiveness — The highly targeted nature of retargeting requires you to pay higher-than-normal CPM prices compared to broadly targeted campaigns. However, due to the relatively limited size of audiences, overall costs are generally lower, while campaign performance is typically higher. This can be especially important if you have a very competitive keyword you are trying to rank for.

3. Behavioral Targeting — It’s possible to create campaigns that only target users who fall into certain behavioral groups. For example, users who are:

  • known to click on banners
  • known to enter their e-mail address into forms
  • known to make online purchases with a credit card
  • known to purchase specific types of products