The Social Success Life Cycle: Getting More From Your Social Media Management

The Social Success Life Cycle: Getting More From Your Social Media Management

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Facebook post, a tweet, or a photo on Instagram. In today’s world, our possible clients and customers are operating and giving their opinion and praise in different ways. They have changed the way they find and consume information. Even the way they buy too has changed, and to stay successful, businesses must adapt their marketing to these changes. If you’re here, you already know that having a social media strategy is an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy.

However, if you’re like most businesses, you’re probably not doing it as well as you know you should be.

If you have looked at the chart at the beginning of this article, you may understand a majority of it. Most likely you probably don’t, and that’s ok! That’s why there’s Local Blitz Marketing! We understand what it takes to be successful in this digital jungle.

The Life Cycle basically breaks down like this:

  • Listen –  What are online communities saying about you on social media? Be sure to monitor and respond to customer service and reputation management issues.
  • Influence – Establish authority in the sale in a positive way, usually through the distribution and sharing of valuable content.
  • Network – Attempt to associate with popular and influential individuals and brands through social media.
  • Sell –  Your products and services are your lifeblood. Once you have done the above steps, you must sell your product or service without coming across aggressive or pushy.

So to put it more simply, good social media management helps to control the conversation about your business. This will result in positive customer experiences, increased authority in your marketplace and ultimately more leads and sales.

As a marketer, it can be hard to know where to start with all the different channels you have available with social media. Mainly, all major social media channels fall into only two categories. Understanding these categories is key to using social media channels as effective as possible.

Seeker vs. Engagement Channels

social media management

social media management

We know, we know. Seeker? Engagement? Sounds like sci-fi mumbo jumbo. However these terms are relatively simple and easy to understand and are crucial to know how to market online effectively.

Seeker channels are perfect for social selling. When users visit YouTube, they are generally in “seeker” mode. They use YouTube’s search bar for a specific inquiry and consume the video right on the platform. Similarly, people use the Pinterest search bar to get specific information on topics like recipes, crafts, or fashion. Though it’s image-based, Pinterest also operates like a search engine. The main seeker channels are Youtube and Pinterest, and you can optimize videos or images with calls to action that can transform leads into customers. At the very least, encourage your prospect to consume even more content on your website.

Engagement channels are the places where online users go to share content they have found and talk with others. Users carry on conversations and share short-form content that links to longer-form content elsewhere. A great engagement channel example is Twitter or Instagram. With Twitter’s 140-character limit, you often see tweets bearing a snippet of information with an accompanying link that takes you off the platform and to another site. Engagement channels are best for social listening, because conversation is a top priority.

Active Social Media Management in Channels

Being active on social media means having to create profiles and distribute content. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow when creating social media profiles for your business.

Profile Optimization:

  • Use proper image sizes (covers, profiles).
  • Complete every relevant field to help in search functionality.
  • Use keywords but make it readable:
  • Add links where appropriate.
  • Look approachable online.
  • Are there conversations with others?
  • If no comments or dialogue, you appear unapproachable.

Increasing offer awareness 

social media managementThis relates to almost anything we do at the influencing level. Creating content and distributing it through the social web is designed to raise offer awareness. Content not only entertains and creates value for customers and prospects, but it also informs people that you offer these services and products!

Indoctrination Emails

These emails welcome email to new subscribers in order to connect them to social channels. It not only creates a good experience for new customers, but it also opens up a loop and opportunity to continue leading them to good, quality content that makes you appear as knowledge and “in the know.”

Social Media Bouncing

Bouncing can be used on and offline and uses one media asset to grow another. Use one media asset to grow another. Bouncing increases your reach and frequency. It also helps create intimacy quickly. Most importantly, this is a method that you can incorporate without spending lots of money. So think:  how can you take someone who’s already following you on Twitter and bounce them to Facebook (or wherever) and then to your blog that maybe has a content PDF. But be weary:

DON’T create a leaky bucket where you’re trying to get specific conversions: Example: sell directly from your blog post (to ascend them to be a lead or customer) DON’T bounce them out of the blog post. DO bounce them intentionally to places where you want them to buy a low-dollar product. DO Think outside of the confines of our current products/services. What you’re talking about on social media does not have to map back exactly to what you sell.

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social media management

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