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Facebook Ads Help in San Diego

More and more people continue to advertise on Facebook.  I have seen a ton of different campaigns throughout the years here in San Diego and the 20+ large markets that we have run these types of ads.

I always tell clients looking for Facebook Ads Help in San Diego that “It’s easy to get started, but REALLY tough to get it churning, unless you really know what needs to be done.  This is meant to be a basic outline of what should be done to maximize ad performance and work on getting the best ROI out of your efforts.  While every business is, of course, different the same basic concepts apply.  Follow these steps and you will be at least headed in the right direction.

PLANNING of Facebook Ads (“Failing to plan is planning to fail” –  Alan Lakein )

Facebook Ads San Diego

So just as with anything in life, having a plan when getting started is arguably one of the most important things you can do.  That being known, many dive into Facebook ads with no real plan and end up wasting a lot of time, money, and mental energy.  So what do you need to plan?

  • What types of ads will you be running?
    1. There are a ton of different ad types and they are not created equally – make sure you are running the right ones to move you toward your goals. You’ll also want to be aware of your ad placements; whether you want ads on just Facebook, Instagram and Facebook, or even using Facebook Messenger Ads.
  • What’s the offer for your Facebook Ads?
    1. While we are all great at what we do – we still need to run offers that will incentivize people to convert into sales for the business.  This is often overlooked and arguably the most important thing.
  • What are our avatars?
    1. You should ID at least four different DEMOs to test in your market.  If the targeting is wrong its a deal from the start.
  • What are my competitors doing or at least comparable industries?  No need to reinvent the wheel if there are things already working for others.
  • Test, Test, Test
    1. Even with the best of intentions, many things need to be tested with Facebook Ads out of the gate to figure out what works.
      1. What offer will you test?
      2. What ad types will you test?
      3. What DEMOs will you test?
      4. What Ad copy will you test?
      5. What ad visuals will you test?
      6. What landing pages and lead magnets will you test?
  • Facebook Ads Analytics
    1. How will you track and define a conversion?
    2. What analytics sources will you use to decide whether the campaign is a flop or just needs more time and testing?
    3. What tracking links will you use?  Tracking links are meant to help decipher where traffic is coming from and what traffic sources are converting.
    4. What is my relevance score?  SEE HERE FOR MORE INFO ON FACEBOOK RELEVANCE SCORES.



After the planning phase its time to put it all to work.  You should have a solid schedule of how to adjust ads and timelines to give the offers and assets you are testing to perform.  While there are a lot of “overnight” success stories – often times those same people don’t talk about the 100 things they tried before that “overnight success”.  Patience is a virtue in this regard.  while there are sometimes quick successes, this is the exception, not the rule….no matter what anyone tells you.

  • What to look for with Facebook Ads?
    1. What is my cost per conversion
    2. What traffic is converting – if none how should we adjust
    3. What ad copy and visuals are converting – if none how should we adjust
    4. Are there any glaring errors that you missed in the planning phase – if so put them into your project plan ASAP!
    5. If possible have a 3rd part review that is not so close to the project and see if the ads immediately make sense to them.
  • Adjust as you go.
    1. Just because something works today, does not mean it will work tomorrow.  My recommendation is to always be planning the next offer, ad type etc to keep things as fresh as possible.  Depending on the business, this may be every week, every month, or every year….just depends on the business type and what you are trying to accomplish.

REVIEW of Facebook Ads Help In San Diego

Review Facebook Ads San Diego

Once you get the thing churning a bit – it can sometimes be a little more hands-off, but even in the best case scenarios you should plan a few hours a week to review how everything is performing to make sure you don’t get stuck in a rut of overspending or missing opportunities for new, better-performing ads.

If you want more information on Facebook Ads Help in San Diego, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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