What Does an SEO Company Do?

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An SEO company helps you reach more customers, build better marketing plans, and hit your sales goals. SEO, or “search engine optimization” leverages search engine data to understand your clients’ interests and behaviors. By tracking what potential customers are looking for on websites like Google, an SEO company can help you determine which offers, blog posts, or paid media ads will drive meaningful traffic to your website. What an SEO company does changes over time as search engines update their algorithms and new technology is introduced. An experienced SEO company provides reliable strategy by:

  • Providing insights on the latest SEO algorithm updates
  • Conducting SEO keyword research
  • Link building & content recommendations
  • Reporting on your SEO metrics and ROI
  • Delivering on-page and off-page SEO services
  • Supporting your Google My Business page
  • Offering organic SEO analysis
  • Consulting on the best SEO budget to achieve your goals

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Effective Strategies for Your Marketing Budget

The best SEO companies provide regular insights to ensure your marketing strategies are in line with your key performance objectives. This data-driven approach allows us to adapt and build ad campaigns and SEO strategy that target your specific goals. Whether you are looking to boost revenue, increase brand awareness, or promote a new offering, an SEO company will recommend the most effective strategies for your budget. At Local Blitz we offer several SEO strategy tools, including:

We use this data to build effective marketing strategies based on your demographics and current customer demands. Read more about SEO strategy or get started with a free consultation.

Content that Engages Customers and Supports Your SEO

One of the most important aspects of a strong SEO strategy is quality content. Not only will this benefit your clients, but it will also increase the credibility that search engines award to your website, thereupon enhancing your website’s ranking. Unfortunately, content creation isn’t as straightforward as writing a few blogs. In addition to being relevant, your web content must fall inline with marketing regulations and support your existing SEO strategies. We provide SEO-informed web page content for pages, blogs, social media ads, and emails to ensure that your content is clear, engaging and effective.

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Improved On-page SEO

The length, quality, and relevance of your website content all contribute to your on-page, or “on-site” SEO. In addition, components like title tags, internal links and URLs (uniform resource locator) all play a role. An SEO company ensures that your header tags are structured correctly to support your SEO strategy and include focus keywords relevant to your campaigns. We utilize advanced tools and reports to assess your current on-page SEO and measure improvements over time.

Link Building to Enhance Your SEO

Link building is a tool that supports your on-page SEO. Link building, or hyperlinking, helps customers navigate the  information on your site and also increase the authority that a search engine assigns to your pages. If your website includes hyperlinks to past relevant content, it can increase the relevance that the search engine applies to that content. The more (relevant) content you have interlinked on your site, the better chances you have of improving its rank.

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Off-Page Optimization

Off-page SEO helps a website improve its rank on search engines through factors outside of the website itself. Off-page optimization requires time and consistency, but should not be ignored as a healthy component of your SEO strategy. An SEO company can help you improve your off-page SEO through techniques including:

  • Link Building: References to your website online (commonly referred to as “backlinks”) can increase your pages’ authority
  • Blog Directories: Links in a blog entry that flow back to your website
  • Forum Signatures or Comment Links: Comments & signatures on forums that link back to your website
  • Article Directories: Your website link can be published in article directories
  • Shared Content Directories: Websites like hubpages or infobarrel allow you to publish your content and add links favouring your website
  • Link Exchange Schemes: Webmasters of different websites exchange links to post
  • Social Media: Attracting traffic through links on social media
  • Social Bookmarking: Promote your blogs on well-known and frequently-updated websites
  • Guest Blogging: Use established blogs to drive traffic to your website

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Organic Analysis of SEO Terms

Organic SEO is typically used for campaigns that are not localized to specific geographical areas. These may include regional, national, or International marketing efforts. Your SEO company will usually combine an organic analysis of key terms with a local SEO analysis to drive the best results.

Local SEO Success

Local SEO helps your website rank for searches on a term within a specific city, state, or region. SEO companies can help build your local SEO through organic listings, Google Ads, Google Maps, keyword research, and tools like Google My Business.

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Google My Business Page

A Google My Business account is a free and effective tool for helping customers find your business. Whether you are working to increase your local SEO or organic brand visibility, your Google My Business page can help people learn more about your services, locations, business hours and more. An SEO company can help you set up and manage your Google My Business Page, making it easier for customers to utilize your services. Book a free consultation to learn more about setting up a Google My Business account.

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Comprehensive SEO Consulting

The best SEO companies offer an array of services to meet your key performance goals. Whether your objective is to increase online traffic, generate leads for a specific service, or attract new customers through a local offer, an SEO company will help you achieve these goals through a combination of tools and strategies. At Local Blitz we combine a host of SEO techniques with data-informed strategy to offer a comprehensive approach to every account. Our SEO services include:

What Can an SEO Company Do For You?

Local Blitz is an SEO marketing company with offices in San Diego and Indianapolis. We partner with a diverse range of clients from industries including real estate, home services, health care, e-commerce, and more. Our business is rooted in transparency, data, and results. Meet our team or read our client testimonials for more information on what an SEO company can do for you.