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Digital Marketing in Indianapolis

As a data-driven digital marketing agency, we focus on building proven initiatives for clients across Indianapolis. Our digital marketing efforts are tailored to your business’ key performance indicators, client demographics, and corporate culture. From Google Ads Management to social media campaigns, we offer diverse digital marketing solutions to meet your unique needs. This customized, data-driven approach allows us to offer effective digital marketing services for both small and large companies in Indianapolis. Our full-service marketing agency offers:

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Indianapolis Digital Marketing Specialists

Each Local Blitz team member offers specialized digital marketing knowledge to attract clients in Indianapolis and beyond. Using the latest SEO tactics and social media marketing tools we design and facilitate solutions that drive profits. Whether you need help researching SEO terms, setting up a corporate social media account, or creating the perfect monthly newsletter, we can help. Take advantage of our blog for the latest information on digital marketing trends, or connect with our Indianapolis team to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Our Approach to Web Marketing

Our process begins with a consultation to assess your current marketing efforts, client demographics, and key performance indicators. By establishing a set of performance metrics, we can easily analyze what marketing techniques best suit your goals. Following the consultation, we’ll compile tailored guidance from each of our digital marketing specialists. After launching your campaigns, we will deliver regular updates on key performance metrics to ensure that our efforts remain in line with your goals. Not sure where to start? Book a complimentary consultation or read more about our services.


The Advantages of Hiring our Marketing Agency

As digital marketing trends evolve over time, a marketing agency can help you select techniques that generate the largest return on investment on your marketing budget. A marketing agency enables you to facilitate campaigns that drive results, rather than guessing where to start your efforts. And as a local marketing agency in Indianapolis, we can provide insights on growing your business in the right demographic. By choosing a marketing agency in Indianapolis, you’ll gain access to:

  • Guidance on how to spend your online ad budget
  • Local insights from consumers in Indianapolis and beyond
  • Market segmentation strategies
  • Advanced digital marketing concepts
  • Simultaneous testing on multiple platforms to confirm what’s working
  • Search engine-optimized (SEO) driven ad placement
  • Specialty knowledge of SEO, content creation, ad buying, and more

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Google Ads Management in Indianapolis

Google ads are a powerful tool that help you reach a targeted audience. By generating advertisements based on popular key terms and tailored demographics, you can reach the right consumers at the right time. Our digital marketing team offers customized Google Ads management services that align with your key performance indicators, including:

  • SEO strategy creation & consulting
  • Content and ad creation to support your campaigns
  • Cost per click (CPC) data
  • Ad budget guidance and reporting
  • Google Ad tests to identify high-performing content
  • Google Display ad creation and management
  • Google My Business local listings

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Facebook and Instagram Advertising in Indianapolis

Showcasing your business on social media is a crucial step in building your brand identity, engaging with customers, and generating leads. Facebook and Instagram currently offer an opportunity to promote content that is geared towards your target audience. Keep in mind that Facebook and Instagram advertising can be more complex than it appears. With frequent updates to advertising regulations, it’s crucial to work with a marketing agency to ensure your content hits the right audience. Whether your goal is to increase sales, build brand awareness, or find new customers, Facebook and Instagram advertising can help you do it.


Facebook and Instagram Advertising Strategies

The algorithms and regulations behind Facebook and Instagram advertising are complex and ever-changing. By working with a digital marketing specialist in Indianapolis, you’ll have access to the most effective social media advertising strategies. For example, our marketing agency can provide guidance on the best offer creation, imagery, and copy writing to make sure your message is clear and effective. We also direct your demographic marketing strategy to ensure your ads reach your target consumer. Keep these Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies in mind as you build your campaigns:

  • Create clear and compelling copy
  • Select enticing imagery that tells a story or showcases your product in the best light
  • Develop a strong offer to draw consumers in
  • Use targeted ad placement based on your audience demographics
  • Select a budget that supports the visibility of your ad.


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Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook’s wide selection of ad types, engagement tools, and advertising regulations make it one of the most complex social media platforms to utilize. However, it’s broad reach and store of consumer data make it an ideal place to share your message. As an experienced marketing agency in Indianapolis, have in-depth knowledge creating and promoting successful ad campaigns on Facebook’s complex network.

Have questions about your current Facebook advertising campaigns? Contact our Indianapolis team to set up a complimentary consultation.


Instagram Advertising Services

Instagram is a visually-rich platform that can help you celebrate your brand’s identity and community. However, with an increasing amount of algorithms and regulations, Instagram advertising is not a straightforward process. By working with a digital marketing agency in Indianapolis, you’ll have access to the latest Instagram advertising trends and policies, as well as targeting techniques that get your message in front of the right audience. Read more about our Instagram As Management services or see our additional social media marketing services.

Email Marketing in Indianapolis

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that email marketing offers the highest return on investment as compared with other forms of digital marketing. This is in part because of its low cost; once you have a customer’s email address you can generate tailored email content that puts your offers directly into their inbox. Email marketing allows you to share new products, invite clients to special events, ask for product feedback, and build your brand identity. Our digital marketing agency delivers both basic and advanced email marketing services to keep your customers engaged. Our email marketing services include:

  • Subject line and content creation
  • List segmentation
  • Analysis of open rates and click rates
  • List management and subscription metrics
  • Best practices and tailored guidance

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Email Marketing with Monthly Newsletters

Considering sending a monthly newsletter but aren’t sure where to start? Local Blitz creates engaging email marketing content as well as data-driven automation tools to keep your subscribers interested. As a full-service marketing agency in Indianapolis, we can design, write, and deploy your email marketing campaigns. We’ll help you find the right cadence, content, and imagery to make your message stand out.


Email Marketing Automation

In addition to creating a monthly newsletter you may decide to utilize automated email sequences that are tailored to your recipients’ needs. By creating segmented lists, A/B tests, and drip email sequences, we can deliver effective email marketing campaigns that support a variety of sales goals. Our email marketing team works with several tools, including:

  • Infusionsoft
  • Active Campaign
  • Mail Chimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Drip
  • and more….
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Internet Marketing for Indianapolis Businesses

Internet marketing is a general term that describes the range of tools you can use to promote your business online. As a full-service internet marketing firm in Indianapolis we offer support with SEO, Google ad management, social media, email marketing, and more. We’ll also help you determine which internet marketing platforms address your target audience and provide the best return on investment. We start with a detailed assessment to review your past and current marketing efforts. We’ll also determine your target audience, as well as key performance indicators that we will use to measure success. With this framework in mind we’ll devise an initial internet marketing test to establish the most effective tools to support your goals. Our experienced team will continue testing initiatives to reflect changing customer behaviors and evolving objectives over time. Get in touch with our team to book a complimentary consultation today.



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SEO Services in Indianapolis

SEO, or “search engine optimization” is one of the most important factors in any digital marketing campaign. Whether you are targeting customers in Indianapolis or areas beyond, a strong local SEO framework will help drive results. At Local Blitz we stay up-to-date with the latest changes to SEO algorithms and budgeting tactics to deliver ad campaigns that work. Our refined approach to SEO strategy and keyword management allows us to deliver transparent reporting to our clients. Since the practice of SEO constantly changes, our team adjusts our strategies to support a long-term investment for your budget. Our SEO services include:

  • SEO research
  • Link building & content recommendations
  • Establishing KPIs for your business
  • Access to SEO metrics and ROI


Local Blitz Marketing

We are a digital marketing agency serving Indianapolis and beyond. Our clients come from a variety of industries including real estate, home services, health care, e-commerce, and more. Our firm is rooted in transparency and generating a high return on investment. Meet our team or read our client testimonials for more information on what we provide.